09/20/2010 is the day he died

by Jen
(Chicago IL)

Why would someone give any advice to my mom saying she needs to let go of my brother after four months he had died? NO one should put a time limit on it. People should be ready to let go and move on when they are ready not when someone tells them.

My brother committed suicide on 09/20/10 and it has only been four months since he passed. Yeah it hurts to lose him and there lot of unanswers and everything else but never ever tell someone they need to let go. I swear I don't like that word. I miss my brother like crazy.

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Jan 27, 2012
I lost my son Paul Bair Jr on Oct 24,2011 at age 24
by: Dianna

People out there in this world do not really know what it is like to lose a child til they experience it with one of there own...I lost my son Paul at age 24 on Oct 24, 2011 to Suicide...I really never thought I'd have to be burying my own child..From that day I felt like my whole life has been gone..You never get over something like that either..So people that say let it go .Are just crazy...No one should have to be burying there child...All my son wanted was to see his child..His ex took that away from him..He was good looking boy with a lot of life..And good father...He make people smile and laugh...Thing is ya never let go of them even know there gone but I am sure like my son would not want me to dwell and go crazy over thing..They are always in our hearts and they are our guardian angel watching down on us....I miss my son all the time and I will never say good bye to him..We just tell them see ya later cause we will again one day...My son would been 25 on Jan 28 2012.

Mar 26, 2011
one month later
by: tanya, west palm beach

One month later, on 10.19.10, I lost my son, Kyle to a motorcycle accident.
It is not something you can easily get over.

Don't worry about what someone else says, just keep your brother's memory alive with her. My 11 yr old daughter made a photo video with her brother's favorite song. Although, I cried when she showed it to me, it just helps me know that she misses him too.
Let your mom know.
I read this quote: 'I may cry when you say his name, but it hurts worse if you never mention him'. It is so true.
[[[[hugs}}}} to you both.

Feb 09, 2011
Let your son go????
by: Lynda

How foolish that person is to tell your mother to let go of her son. Obviously, that person has never undergone the loss of a loved one. Pity that person...for she will have to learn the hard way. Hug your mother for me

Feb 08, 2011
there is no 'getting over it'
by: Tim

My son died in August of 2010 and I will never get over him. I cherish the pain and the grief because it's what holds him to me in the present.

You defend your mom and pull away as much as possible from relationships that demand closure. "Getting over it" is bullshit. Stay strong.


the blog for my son is:

Feb 04, 2011
My daughter passed away 16yrs ago
by: Karlene

I just want to say I am so sorry for your loss, don't listen to anyone tell you to get over your loss. I loved my daughter with all my heart, to lose a child is the most painful loss ever. I still have moments of pain an miss her. She was shot by a teen playing with a gun she was only 15yrs old I truly did not expect to live through her death, with the Lord's help I have survived. I pray your family will heal in time an not every give up. My prayers are with your family

Feb 03, 2011
some people just don't get it
by: Anonymous

For someone to tell your mom to let go is truly heartless. My son died in August and I will NEVER let go.

Feb 03, 2011
They don't get it.
by: CB

You can never get over or move on after losing your child. I lost my daughter in May and it still hurts like crazy. You have to try to just live with the pain. God bless you for being such a caring daughter.

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