10 losses in 5 years. I' m 23

by Lys cruise

Hello. I have suffered many losses in the past five years. I am 23 years old woman and these are my experiences.

First my next door neighbour she was 32 and died of a brain haemorrhage. Then My friend Ricky he died at 19 in a car crash, then my boyfriends dad of a heart attack. We broke up a year later.

Then my great grandmother. Followed a couple years later by my grandmother who was my best friend and inspiration in life I mourned for her so badly. Loved her beyond belief.

This month my great uncle (who I saw as a close close family member) and my grandad died, at least now my grandad is at peace with my grandma and his mum but still. Also this month my cousin died. And two great aunties. So in the space of 5 years I have lost 10 people close to me in my life.

I did at first feel scared, angry, anxious (who's next!,,) but it's happened so often that I now feel that these things a have happened to me because I can and will get through them. I have (without blowing my own trumpet) an innate way of coping in the face of adversity. It will make me stronger.

One day when I meet the right man and have children I know we will adore them together. And I will adore my grandchildren. But for now at 23 I plan to explore the world, live life to the full and know that all those people I loved can support me now more than ever before. I also plan to spend alot more time with my mum and brother. Life is precious,

Life does go on. It hurts so bad, every time it happened is another blow. But one day my children will live on through me regardless about afterlife beliefs. I believe now in a heaven I have had to many losses plus too many signs to deny its existents. The experiences have helped me to grow spiritually also. But regardless on beliefs systems and philosophies we can all agree we live on through our family, through our blood, through traits and personalities.
Family is a bond, a closeness. It is a gift. I wrote a little something after my grandparents died i would like to share with you ....

As i look into the sky at night i wonder if stars are windows in Heaven where the love of our lost ones shines upon us to let us know they are happy? As i grieve for you passing, that passing sparks memories, those memories become treasures and it is those treasures that will be with me forever.

For anyone that has loved and lost you are not alone. Xxx

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Oct 08, 2013
Thank you
by: Lys UK

Thank you both for your kind words. They have lifted my spirits!

Thank you Doreen for sharing your faith with me. I have an infinity toward different religions that teach love. But for me spiritual growth is about my growth on earth until I die and am reunited once again.

That day will come and I look forward to it. But until that time I will live my life with a big heart and open arms for any one. I will live life to the full and live it how I want and hoping I make them proud.

Thank you again for your comments,

None of us are alone :)


Oct 08, 2013
10 losses in 5 yrears. I'm 23
by: Doreen UK

Lys I am sorry for all your losses in your life at such a young age.
You have an amazing maturity level that is looking at your losses in a positive way. If in the future you start feeling grief then it means you didn't grieve for that individual. You just had a positive acceptance of what happened. This is still a good starting point in ACCEPTING DEATH as part of life. What is more critical is "Where do we go after we die?" I have a Spiritual Faith and belief that I will see my loved one's again. I have a well established Faith so this is my comfort and My Hope. It is not everyone's belief. But If I share my belief and it comforts someone and makes them think of something they never thought of before then this is a Positive thing to do for someone in grief.
Often when we lose people from our lives it causes us to evaluate life in a different way. We start to remember the loved one's we have in our life in a way that we include them more and establish better relationships. It can also work the opposite and we lose friends and siblings. This is also a true fact of life. But making something positive out of our losses is How God wants us to be. God says. SORROW for those you have lost. BUT. Don't SORROW as those who have NO HOPE. We are all going to die one day. But God is establishing a New Kingdom to come which is Eternal. FUTURE. Something to look forward to after death. This world is our preparation ground for entering this Kingdom when it comes. Thank you for sharing your perspective on grief and loss, and how you are coping with this. I was Blessed by your thoughts and expression. Best wishes.

Oct 07, 2013
10 losses
by: Anonymous--MI

Thank you for your kind and comforting words to we who have lost our loved ones also. You are very bright and compassionate and when we reach Heaven's gates we will all be reunited with our dear loved ones. God Bless you

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