101 - My mom just passed away today

by Shari
(Cobble Hill, BC, Canada)

She was my mom - She had me when she was 45 years old, long after she thought she would become pregnant. Kids teased me and said I was adopted. Some said my mom and dad were my grandparents. Especially hard on mom were my post teenage years, the years when I wanted to go out dancing at the discos and dated different guys every week. The times when I drank too much and did not come home at all. She was hurt, but continued on, and then her husband, her stalwart mountie passed away from cancer, leaving her to bear all the troubles of families breaking up and then my little light of my life Kevin came along. He was her light too. Her coming to Fort McMurray to help me bring Kevin into the world at 80 years of age was a blessing. She drove my sports car back and forth to the hospital every day. We had our troubles, but I so wanted to say goodbye, to hold her hand in my hands. and tell her that I love, love, love her. She was the best mom in the world, and I hope that she knew that she was well loved. I inherited her love of dancing and music, and she loved to hear stories of my array of classes.
I feel so guilty that I did not get there today to catch one of her last moments of clarity. I didn't think that she would have any. I am so sorry Mom. Tell Dad I love him and miss him too!

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Oct 07, 2012
101 - My mom just passed away today
by: Doreen U.K.

Shari I am sorry for your loss of your mom. It is very difficult having an older mom who struggles to keep up with her young daughter or son. WE had a neighbour that was in this bracket and the son became a RECLUSE. He stayed indoors and suffered mentally because of having older parents. the son became difficult and brought a lot of hurt and anxiety to his older parents. Be thankful if you didn't experience this. You will have experienced some things but this is normal in life.
I lost my husband to cancer 5 months ago. I nursed him for over 3yrs. He died a slow death. Now I understand what you are saying about your mom. She was the one left behind to cope with family squabbles and divisions and all the normal life problems that are part of life. I have this burden also. Dealing with builders not doing their jobs properly and getting repairment in to do the jobs my husband would have done and done well. Life is full of daily struggles and battles. If we get support with it all we are fortunate. I wish you better days ahead in your loss and grief.

Oct 07, 2012
101 - my mom passes away today
by: Anonymous

God blessed you with a great, wonderful, understanding mom. I wished I had a mom like that, but I don't. Mine stole from me, lied on me, was successful in turning one of my sons against me. Your mom was good to you. You had a great mom.

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