11 years ago friday

by veronica
(new york)

My father was diagnosed with lung cancer for the second time when I was little. On June 6th, 2003 he passed away. I was only seven. I am eighteen now and it hurts just as bad as the day I came home and found out. This caused me to develop MDD and GAD. I feel so empty. I hate that he couldn't go to my high school graduation move me into college he never got to threaten any boyfriend or help me heal my broken heart. He won't be there for my 21st birthday or to be there when my kids are born. He can't walk me down the aisle. I feel guilty cause maybe if I was older I would have been able to take care of him. Instead I was a selfish seven year old who probably caused more burden to him in his fragile state.
I wish you were here dad. I need you.

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Jun 07, 2014
11 years ago Friday
by: Doreen UK

Veronica I am so sorry for your loss of your Dad when you were such a young child of 7yrs. of age. I think that you are wrong to say you were a selfish 7yrs. old child who caused her father more burden to him in his fragile state. Children are meant to be naughty and boisterous, and even a bit wild when they are young. It is all part of growing up. I was a wild child who needed taming, and a bit boisterous. Children are not MATURE or fully developed to be able to think in a mature way as an adult.
Many adults are still selfish in their nature and never reached MATURITY. What more you as a child. Many children behave more adult in their young years and very grown up, that puts many an adult to shame. This is why Jesus says His Kingdom is like unto a child. WE have to also reach a state of HUMILITY. You say you wish you could have been old enough to care for your Dad. Don't lose this caring nature. It says that you are growing up well and are developing the right way as a Mature person. If you had been older you probably would have done all you could for your father. I know the loss of a father has left a VOID in your life that has never left you. For me Jesus is the answer. He is someone who cares for us and always will. He is a father to us all. He will reach down from above and brush away our tears for he cares for us. Hold on to this Hope.

Jun 05, 2014
your dad
by: Nadine

Veronica, I'm really sorry your dad passed away when you were so young but being 7 at the time there was nothing you could have done to help. You were just being a normal child, i'm sure. I can relate somewhat to your feelings though. My dad was 49 when i was born, so he was up there in years. I remember wondering growing up if my brother, sister and i were more than he could handle, due to his age and him being a little high-strung. But he loved us and did things for us all the time. I lost him when i was 23 so i felt a little cheated also. I'm sure your dad's only regret was that he had to say goodbye to you so soon.

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