16 years old gone to soon

by safix
(south africa)

My daughter was 16yrs of age when we had our accident. She died 7 days later and on the 29th of October she will be gone for 3years. Natanya and I could not be separated for and hour yet now we separated for 3years. I yearn for my child yet the woman who drove into us who works for Diamler never ever came near not even when she was in hospital not even and sms to say she was sorry instead a summons to get money out of me for a car which was driven away from the scene of the accident and the amazing part is she smashed into me not me into her. I did not expect money or flowers just her standing strong in faith with us that my daughter will live and that she will come out of hospital, she could not even do that. I lost my child and she worry's about a car. She laughs aloud and makes a joke of what had happen not shy to use her bank account as a get away. The best part was the investigating officer's wife works with this woman and they became best of friends. so guess what happens yes file missing. To the woman who killed my child you ripped my heart from my chest who sent my child with half and ear to her grave i say on earth you can get away from lots money can get you out of lots of things but remember up there behind the clouds you cannot get away from the highest court ever no investigating office will be assist. No parent should bury there child.

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Nov 10, 2011
Judgement Day
by: Anonymous

Dear Vickie reading your message I cried my eyes out at my desk reason being i can only imagine what goes through you mind having to look at your grand daughter and how you will have to explain to her some day what has happened to her mom. I am currently in that situation where I am trying to explain to my 5yr old why her sister is no longer with us and why she is with Jesus and as God is my witness I never thought of this day I never prepared myself for the day Leandre ask's me these questions as she too was in the car with us she at that stage was two years old. Leandre was dead for 10 minutes her eyes white as snow it was almost as if she and Natanya just traded places knowing Natanya and the attachment to her sister she def traded places with her. These past 3 days has been hell all over again for me on the 29 October 2011 Natanya celebrated her 3rd death ann i tried to keep strong but the crying inside has beat me to it these past three days I cannot control the emotions I have never touched her clothes or her personal belongings since our acc for the first time i opened a memory box two days ago 08.11.2011 and found little notes to me. I miss my child the anger towards This woman is there it goes and comes forgive her maybe but forget i can never.

Oct 29, 2011
Judgement day..
by: Vickie

Safix, My heart and prayers go out to you. I lost a daughter myself a couple of yr's ago in an awful car accident. She was only 26. No one should ever have to bury their child-you are so right. My daughters accident involved a minor fender bender(that my daughter was at fault for, she ran a stop sign). She had pulled over to exchange info. and some woman who had absolutely NOTHING to do with it started screaming and yelling at my daughter. My daughter was with a friend who asked this woman to Please back off. She didn't and my daughter was upset and in the heat of a moment she told her friend that had gotten out of the car "I can't take this any more-I'm going home." She drove off down the street (residential rd.) but the woman in suv decided to chase after my daughter. At the end of the street there was only one way to really go-that was left. This woman blocked her way and instead before my daughter good brake, she ended up flying over a 150ft. embankment through a fence and landing in a waste management sewage pond. It took them over eight hr's to pull her and her car out. Five people tried swimming in that raw sewage that night but it was too dark to see. On my daughters death certificate the cause of death is drowning. I can't tell you how much I wanted to wring that womans neck!! I did hire an attorney and got a small settlement for my granddaughter from the waste management plant (for improper barriers) but to this day the woman has not been found. She was yelling at my daughter witnesses said because she said her driving was wreckless...in the end it was that Stupid woman that is to blame for my daughters death. I have turned it over to God to handle. One day there will be judgement for them. I am so very sorry for your pain and loss. My prayers are with you. God bless you.

Oct 27, 2011
Gone Too Soon
by: TrishJ

I am so sorry for your loss. Life seems so unfair sometimes. People get away with horrific things but this lady knows in her heart she has done wrong. Eventually it will wear on her. What goes around comes around. She will pay in her own time. I know it's hard not to bear a grudge but it is probably only affecting your health. It's best to forgive (almost impossible some times) but your daughter would want you to be happy and live your life. She will always be your daughter. She will always love you. I know the pain of separation is so cruel. You are right. No parent should ever have to bury their child.
I pray for you. Peace. God bless.

Oct 27, 2011
Dear Safix
by: geoffrey campbell

Your grief and sorrow is great, but God's love for you and your daughter is greater, there is a verse that says "In all our suffering, He suffers." (In the K.J.V. it uses the word affliction)
As God's children we are to tell Him all our sorrows, and when we are unjustly treated and abused, we are to take this to Him too. In Psalms, King David expressed his grief how that in this life the wicked seem so often to prosper, but while in the sanctuary God showed King David that justice will prevail. Thus we are never to become so discouraged that sorrow brings us too, to the grave.
Right now you have a heavenly Father, He hears you, He sees your tears. Talk to Him, as it is written, "Ye have not be because ye ask not." Finally, He tells us that we are to "bless them that curse us, do good unto them that hate us, and pray of them that persecute us, that we may children of the heavenly Father." (Matthew 5:44 K.J.V.) One bright day, you will see your daughter again, and she who took her life, if there is no sorrow nor contrition, will face justice. But for now, pray even for her, and feel the peace and love that will flow to you from your heavenly Father. Your friend in Scranton Pennsylvania, USA

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