175 Days Without You

by Donna

It's been 175 days without you here with me. I am so lost without you. You were my everything. I've had to get on medication just to make it through the days at work to keep from going off on everyone and to try and stop the panic attacks. I am so angry at everyone & everything because you are not here with me. No one will ever be able to explain why you were taken at such an early age. It just isn't fair that someone who loved life so much should be taken at only 43 years old. Everything around the house seems to be falling apart & I hate feeling like the helpless woman that I am when it comes to certain things. You always took care of everything especially me. I miss your touch, the looks you would give me when you liked something I was wearing, the hugs, the kisses. Everything. Just talking with you at night or the many times during the day when we would call each other to just say hi & I love you. This month is going to be so hard. June 6 is our anniversary; we would have been married only 4 years. Still newlyweds. I miss you so much, Bobby. I love you forever & always.

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Jun 04, 2011
175 days

You are never alone we will be here to listen to you always. One step one breath at a time.

Jun 03, 2011
Missing my soulmate too
by: Julia

I have been without the love of my life for the same amount of time. I particularly bonded with you when you said you knew by the look he gave you when he liked how you looked. I got those looks and a wink too. Isn't it true that we miss the little things about them more than anything. The special hugs, kisses , hand holding and smiles. Every day life seems meaninglesss when you watch a movie alone, eat alone, sleep alone and feel alone in company.. I don't even sit on the patio alone. I used to enjoy that. It only had meaning when we would talk over things and recall our memories. We were inseparable. I have been craving aloneless because it is during these times i feel closest to him . Talk with him often - tell him you love him many times. I find it helps. That,and a lot of prayer may get us thru and the passage of time. One day , one hour at a time. You have my company and a lot of others. Blessings dear.

Jun 03, 2011
Six Months...That's How Many Days?
by: TrishJ

It's been 6 months today for me. I'm not having a good day. I miss my husband just as much now as I did 5 1/2 months ago. That part of it almost seems to be getting worse. I hear you Donna. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do.
The anniversaries and birthdays are so hard. I have all the firsts to go through still. I'm not looking forward to those days. The pain seems to wash over me like a tidal wave.
Take care of yourself Donna. Our husbands would want us to be strong and to be happy.
One breath, one step. Always.

Jun 03, 2011
175 days without you
by: jules

Donna - know that we are thinking of you - every day - one step, one breath
take care

Jun 03, 2011
175 days without you
by: Mari

I understand Donna. There are going to be some difficult times because we have lost a part of ourselves.Just keep trusting in the Lord and of course you know we care for you too. It doesn't take much for memories to overwhelm us. It seems that there will be a good day and then bad. It has been a yr and a half for me and I carry my husband's picture on my cell and think of him every day. But I am doing better.
You need more time to get through what you are going through. I hope you have a close friend or family to rely on. Every day I ask God to get me through another day because I still have some bad days.
My whole life has changed. I have a new great grandaughter, different job, different car, a kitty cat. I am redoing the entire house. For a long time I did not feel up to it.
I realize losing someone changes our lives forever but believe me Donna, somehow God gives us the strength to make it through.Just remember we are here and keep posting.There is a song in Spanish called ''un dia a la vez'' (A day at a time). Every morning is a new day.God will be there when you go to sleep at night and when you wake up. Take care of yourself.

Jun 03, 2011
Feeling the same way
by: Christine

I feel your pain. I lost my Bill just 29 days ago. We had only known each other for 2 years, 6 weeks and one day. We were 2 days away from celebrating our 6 month wedding anniversary.

I miss him so much that I feel I can not go on sometimes. I miss everything about him, his smile, his laugh, his changing the tv channels, his touch.

I am struggling with the anger now. I can not understand why God would take a healthy happy 49 year old man away from this world...and yet let others live...

I laugh to myself thinking it can not get any worse than this.

I do know that I take it one hour at a time, one breathe at a time.

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