18 yr relationship ended 3.5 yrs ago. Still occasionally have days of crying.

by Dawn

I'm Dawn. I was in a relationship with my husband for 18 years. We have been separated for 3.5 years and recently divorced. Despite being tumultuous as I think a lot of young relationships can be, he was the love of my life. My family treated him like family and I adored his. We had 3 beautiful children. In 2007, he told me he was tired of being a father and husband. I later found out he had a girlfriend. To add insult to injury, he borrowed money from my parents to start a business in June of 2007 before he moved out. Here's how the story goes: I always made more money than he did (although I didn't make much), sort of always pulled his weight (financially), we struggled, did without a lot of things, etc. As soon as his financial situation was good, he was gone. He got all the money, the new luxury car, a big house, AND doesn't have to even work most days! Gees, what happened to Karma? I, on the other hand, still struggle financially, and work even more hours. I didn't get anything except child support (which I'm thankful for).

Worst of all, I feel "stuck". I feel like life passes me by and the world keeps moving, but I'm just going thru the motions. I tell myself repeatedly to get over it, but it's just not so easy. I date a really nice guy and have a great time with him. But unfortunately, love is dead for me. I have no love inside me to give. I don't want to be a bitter old lady (I'm 41 now)!! Does this feeling every go away? And what is up with me still crying some days? I hate this. I am normally very "together".

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Apr 01, 2011
by: Dawn

Thanks for your kind words. I guess sometimes it just helps to get the words out of my head. Maybe this is pretty normal after such a long relationship. Most days I'm great, just wish I still didn't have days of sadness and feeling like my life has been changed in such a negative way. Marriage and family was of the utmost importance to me. So, thanks again. You remind me to be thankful for what I DO have--great kids and good health thus far!

Mar 31, 2011
by: Anonymous

In this life, we don't always have control over
the bad things that come our way. While my sweet
Mother was still living, and I'd be faces with heartaches, she's say, "this too, will pass"
and she was right. It may take awhile for the
pain to lessen, but with time and the love and mercy of God, we will heal and find ourselves at
a more peaceful place. You are a young lady and
have many years ahead of you and you have three children. Be strong, trust in yourself, and
may you find peace.

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