18th anniversary of my sister's death at age 47

by Michael
(Glen Allen,Va)

It was a Saturday morning, June 10,1995. I was at home doing laundry and my 11 year old son was upstairs in his room. The phone rung and it was my sister-in-law. I can not recall her ever calling me at home so I had a sense of something unusual. She said that something had happened to Yvonne while she was cutting grass at our Mother' s house and that she was being taken to the hospital. My sister- in-law was very calm and did not go into any details of what had happened. She did say it was serious. In my mind I assumed what ever it was it was not life threatening. So I finished doing what I had been doing and my son and I headed for the hospital. I was expecting to go to the emergency room and find out what was going on. But when we got there and parked and was walking to the ER I saw the preacher from the local church driving by and we spoke and then I saw another one of my sisters coming up the street from the ER. The words that she said forever changed my life. She said that Yvonne had passed while being transported to the hospital in the ambulance. She gave some more details but I was petrified. I was shocked, in disbelief , unable to move and could not stop crying. I must have stayed in that same spot for 30 minutes to an hour before I could move. It was all so surreal.
Yvonne had a daughter whom she loved with all her being. She had plans that she had not fully realized but I knew she would. She was our oldest sister of 12 kids in which one had died as an infant. She was 47 years old and life just seemed so unfair. She and our Mother were exceptionally close and now my mom would have to bury her daughter.
We still and will always miss her. Today is always a difficult day but we all get through it

Michael Carter
In memory of Yvonne Irene Carter

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Jun 11, 2013
18th anniversary of my sister's death
by: silver

My baby sister died Nov.2001 at the age of 44.She left 2 children by 1st husband in their early 20's but she also left a 12 yr old and a 13 yr old by her second husband.I was doing private duty at the time and she called me to tell me to meet her at Wal-Mart.I tried to call off because I was tired.I will be forever grateful that I didn't because it was the last time I saw her alive.She had a bad asthma attack the next day and died on the way to the hospital.They got her back but she died several hours later.I was at the hospital that night and went home.For a long time I blamed myself because I felt that if I hadn't gone home she wouldn't have died.Nobody said grief was logical.I will never forget my mom and dad standing outside her room.My dad had been battling cancer and he kept saying,"It's supposed to be me there,not her."Whoever thought that the youngest of six kids would be the first to go.No parent should have to bury their child, although, unfortunately it does happen too often.I felt so much grief.I was the oldest and had to take care of the younger ones.I bathed her,fed her,babysit her,played with her,took her to and from the school bus.We had so much in common.I felt as if I had lost a child also.It's been almost 12 yrs and I still miss her so much,esp.when I need a friend to talk to.I am thankful in a way that she died when she did.She was a sensitive soul and I'm not sure she could have survived our mom and dad dying so close together.(7 months apart).She is with GOD and I will get to hug her again one day.I'll keep you in my prayers.GOD bless you.

Jun 11, 2013
18th anniversary of my sister's death at age 47
by: Doreen U.K.

Michael I am sorry for your loss of your sister Yvonnne which was 18yrs. ago. To lose a Sibling will be a terrible loss. There are 6 children in our family and I couldn't bear to lose any one of them. I know it will still be difficult with every year that goes by. It will be especially difficult for a mother to bury her child no matter what age she is. Parents never stop worrying about their children/Adult children. You can't bond with people and not be expected to feel such a loss. WE can never replace the memories of the ones we have lost. Each individual is unique in their own way and this is so hard to go through.
It doesn't matter what else you put in your life to make it meaningful the loss will still be felt forever. Yvonne would have been 65yrs. now which is my age and so I realize how she lost out on 18yrs. more life that could have made a difference to you all as siblings and the family Yvonne had. I suppose we just go on each day and try to make the most of life. I lost my husband at 66yrs. of age 13 months ago and this is the biggest loss of my life. It would have been his 67th Birthday yesterday. I went up to the graveyard to pay my respects and it is always a difficult time especially seeing his photo on the gravestone. Nothing can ever replace him whether in person or materially. I fix the house up and do the gardening but He is not here in my world to enjoy this so it hurts more. I guess you must all as a family ponder on the same thoughts about Yvonne and what she would be doing today and thinking of all the memories with her in your life that you all missed as a family together.
I guess we all just go on with life and the cycle of living and dying will carry on for generations to come. But we will always feel the way we do as the years go by. This would never change. I hope that you will find Healing in the years ahead that can help you all as a family to survive your loss.

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