2 Years without my Brother

by Diego

Well, this is it, exactly two years since my 26 years old and only brother passed away unexpectedly. I want to thank to this site an all the people who kindly shares their experiences, we are all together in this journey, just knowing that I’m not the only one suffering this bad provides a little relief. I would like to thank specially to Doreen UK, Kate and all the mommies out there that even though have gone through this terrible experience still find courage to provide advice to all the people here.

What can I said, two years ago people said “Don’t worry time will heal”, well guess what; it is not. It is true that I’m back to my normal day to day activities and I push myself to move forward every day, trying to do my best for my parents and my nephew who has become my son, he is the only relief I have, he just look identical as my brother, every time I look at him it is like I’m with my brother again when we were kids. I promised my brother that if something happened I would look after his son, of course when I said that I never imagine that it will become true, don’t know why my brother make me do that vow before he passed away, it is like he knew. Anyway I’ll keep that promise till the end of my days.

To all of you out there starting this grieving process, hang on, stand still with all your forces, I’ve been there, the pain is unbearable, I know, but also I have found out that our time here is limited and precious, allow yourself some comfort and smiles from time to time, cry all you want but keep your head up, look around at all the people that is still here and cares for you, they are also suffering, hung them, tell them you loved them. This is life, life is full with tests, it will be painful, it will be discouraging, it will test you at your very core, but remember you are not alone. Love you all.

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May 30, 2014
2 years without my precious son
by: Anonymous

It is also coming up on 2 years which I lost my son unexpectedly and he would be 26 now....I finally have been able to plant some flowers in my flower beds, which I havent cared about, started back to the gym he and I both attended, just now able to go back, life is harder than anyone could ever imagine, he has a younger brother which struggles with this everyday since he is the last one that saw him alive, he also has some terrible issues going on and I fear I will get the same phone call about him that I got about my oldest on the worst day of my life June 15th, 2012....life goes on but still catch myself in a daze more than I like to admit, I will never get over it, time does not heal all wounds, so any mother in my place will tell you that is just a wrong statement. I have his little girl to look at which is a spitting image of him, her hands, her feet, her build, her little smirks she gives me, her sports ability which is awesome just like his ability. She is my sunshine, my reason for wanting to be here on earth, without her, Im not sure where I would be, so I know what you are going through. Prayers for all of us.

May 30, 2014
2 Years without my Brother
by: Doreen UK

Hi Diego,
Good to hear from you my friend. Who would have thought 2yrs. has passed since you lost your dearest brother. You did a special loving thing for your brother by rearing his son as your son. He would be proud of you. It has been 2yrs. for me losing my precious husband to cancer. I feel my grief as the loneliness bites more. No matter what we do to push ourselves forward each day there is an emptiness inside us that cannot ever be filled or replaced, and this is what we have to live with FOREVER. God does compensate us in some way when we lose our loved ones. WE can't know it or feel it at the time. But as life goes on each day we see glimpses of God's Love for us. When you look into the face of your Son you will know it and feel it. We will have that ache in our hearts for many years till we Heal somewhat from the pain of our loss.
God Bless you my Friend, with Good Health, Happiness, and Peace. and thank you for writing back. Keep in touch.

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