20 is too young to die.....

by Tammie

My beautiful Brittany

My beautiful Brittany

My name is Tammie and my heart aches with sorrow. To tell my story I have to tell hers...if I were to describe my loss I would have to say it is a story of Shakespearean tragedy. I could say that my loss is more important than your loss... that would be a lie... the loss of anyone is full of pain and sorrow.

My story begins when my son started dating a beautiful girl named Brittany. Brittany was kind, she placed herself last always... I have never in all my life met anyone like her. Brittany had Marfans Syndrom, at first we had no idea how sick she really was. We instantly fell in love with her personality and attitude. Shortly after meeting her we were told she and my son were expecting. It was then that we discovered how dangerous that her condition really was. Being young she and my son did not realize the dangers in becoming pregnant. Brittany had issues with her heart due to Marfans and was told that having a child could kill her. I found out that the physician told her that if she did not abort the baby she would have a 99.9% chance of death. She did not inform anyone of this other than my son.

Brittany allowed me to make plans for their future, I bought pots and pans, gifts for their future home... never did she try and steal my joy of being excited for her. Brittany moved into our home... she became the daughter I never had. The week after her 19th birthday she was feeling sick and hurting. She was admitted to the hospital for a week and a half to give the baby time to reach 37 weeks. Not once did she complain. Brittany gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Tuesday June 5, 2012. Brittany died the following day.

My son was with her in her room and they were discussing marriage and making plans for raising their beautiful daughter. My son asked her for a kiss and she leaned forward to give him one then pulled back.... her last words were hold on.... her heart valve ruptured killing her instantly... she was dead before she fell into my sons arms. My son is now a 21 year old widower and single parent. We were told the baby may not make it but she is doing better. I feel hearbroken....sad... and forever grateful for her short time in our lives. Not a day will ever go by that I do not miss her.

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Jun 18, 2012
Bless you both
by: Tammie

Thank both of you for your kindness. Today has been a very rough day for me. I had anxiety attacks all night, my son Justin was throwing up and crying over losing Brittany earlier in the evening. I have thrown up most of the day. I will say that baby Aubrey is a healing balm to our soul. She is drinking her bottle and is doing better. We hope she will be home soon. I will be updating a picture of little Aubrey tomorrow. I never knew that knowing a person for such a short time could change your life forever. I purchased a beautiful bench that has stained glass paintings of birds, butterflys and flowers on the back of it and will be placing it at her grave. I want to be able to bring the baby and tell her about the love of her mother....

Jun 17, 2012
The loss of Brittany 20 is too young to die
by: Doreen England U.K.

Dear Tammi
I am sorry for your loss of Brittany. She sounds as if she was an angel. Sent into your life for such a short time. She touched your life in such a beautiful way. Many of us would wish to have someone like this in our lives. Some of us would love to be like this and touch another's life in this way. She sounded as if she was beautiful without and within. My heart also goes out to your son who has become a widower at such a young age. This is such a sad story. Brittany sounded as if she was selfless and this is a rare trait to have in one's character at such a young age. Your son will feel this great loss as you do and I am sorry that you are going through this loss at this moment in time and with a baby who is not doing too good. I hope that in the days ahead you all may be able to receive the support you need to help you in your grief and that the baby will be able to survive and go on to become the joy you all need and that she will be every bit like her mother was. A loving and caring person. It is rare to have an experience like this and we want it to last forever. I hope your son does recover from this loss and goes on to find love again and attract another person like Brittany to share his life with and be happy. It will take time and one has to take time to recover from such a loss. Please keep us updated regarding the baby.

Jun 16, 2012
by: carmen

I wish I had the perfect words to make you feel better but I don't. I know I don't even know you but your story really moved me. I hope that the Lord give you and your son the strength to cope with your lost. I Pray for your granddaughter to make it. May the Lord Bless you . ASk the Lord and shall receive.

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