20 Years ( To My Soulmate, My Husband )

by Emilia

20 years
For better and for worse...
Until death did us part.
I lived with you, grew up with you,
Gave birth to our children,and weeped and laughed..
Because I loved you.
I loved all, even the parts I hated.
I learned so many things from you...
With one exception -
How to move on...without YOU!
But yet I should!
Because I love you!

Comments for 20 Years ( To My Soulmate, My Husband )

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Sep 19, 2012
to 20 yrs and all who miss their soulmate
by: silver

I've been learning how to cope.Boy is it hard.My children are grown. I have no close friends and I'm retired. I'm beginning to get out (almost 16 mos now) and I am beginning a group therapy group in about 2 weeks. Never been to one,hope it helps.So far being on this site has helped some.The one thing I thought of yesterday was,WHAT DID I THINK...WE WERE GOING TO DIE THE SAME INSTANT.Not only is that weird but since both my parents died 7 months apart I wouldn't want to put that onto my children.I know I need to go on.My love would have given me one of his quirky smiles and laughed at my previous comment.I have a strong faith in GOD and that has helped more than anything.I think he is watching over me and sending me comfort sometimes. How can I not go on when I know he wants me too. It's just so hard sometimes.GOD BLESS you all and give you strength.Please forgive me for my long notes I just hope that somehow,I help someone as you people have helped me to understand that I'm not alone in this trial.

Aug 30, 2012
by: silver

I know how you feel. My second husband was my soul-mate.He died May 29,2011.We went out for dinner on our 33rd anniversary-May 22.Tuesday the 24th he was in intensive care w/pneumonia(he had emphysema)Within 5 days he was dead.My children are grown(at the time 41-30)so I had no one at home to take care of.I went through the shock,grief and anger and thought I was done. My birthday was in August and I have had trouble with grief since then.The only present I wanted I couldn't have. I am learning how to cope now and I pray that you are too.

Jun 14, 2012
Thanks, Doreen
by: Emilia

Thanks so much, Doreen, for your words of comfort. You know, my husband and me were not able to celebrate our 20th anniversary of marriage this year...it wasn't meant to happen...he passed away few months earlier, on the 14th of Feb...on st.Valentine's day...after a 4-weeks-long terrifying unequal fight with cancer...we went together through Hell...it's not an easy job to recover from such thing...yet, I thank God for having our two amazing kids beside me. Despite their fragile age, they became my wisest coaches in surviving...and of course, I thank Destiny for having so many true loving friends around who never let me fall too deep into the abyss of despair. So, piece by piece, day by day I am collecting my wits..for the sake of my children, my Love and myself! To all in grief: trust me, there is light even in the darkest place. There is!

Jun 12, 2012
20years together and you are gone now
by: Doreen England U.K.

Hi Emelia
I am sorry for the loss of your husband of 20years
I know when we take our vows Till death do us part we don't think on this as it is usually too far down the line in our minds.
No one learns how to move on untill they are faced with the situation where this is called for. It is far harder to move on when we lose our spouse than when it is for another reason. Moving on will happen for each of us in different ways and every life experience is different. You will know when you are able to move on.
You are in the throes of grief and this will be ongoing for each of us in different ways. We all try to move on but we have to experience the pain of grief before we can move on as we have to go THROUGH it and no other way for healing to take place. None of us are looking forward to this pain of grief but at least we are here for each other and you are not alone. Keep writing yourspace as long as you need to till you feel in a more comfortable place. Best wishes.

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