3 years really?

by Colleen
(Now California, use to be Utah)

I have posted on and off since 4/30/2011 after losing my son from heart cancer, he was only ill 30 days, and lived with us his last 18 days. Three years, God! I hate April, the 30th makes it another year with out him. I am going to quit my job tomorrow, I can't keep pretending everything is ok....because is not. I prayed and prayed at church today.
I will try to post something one the 30th, I am just so
tired right now from missing him....
Sweet John's mom

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Apr 30, 2014
3 years really?
by: Doreen UK

Colleen I am sorry for your loss of your son. This will always be a mother's worst nightmare. Losing the child she carried in her womb for those 9 months and then rearing him to become the man he could have been had he survived. Mary the mother of Jesus will know how you all feel having lost a child. Even though Mary got her son Jesus back by design and promise of God having fulfilled his mission to earth. Mary still went through the grief of losing her son. She knows the pain of grief. Never saw it in these terms before.
I have 3 Adult children and couldn't bear to bury any of them. I feel deep grief just thinking of this. I lost my husband of 44yrs 2yrs. ago to cancer. A disease that is claiming too many lives today. Destroying the family unit and breaking the hearts of parents. It will only end when Jesus comes back to destroy sin forever and this world. But how many more families will join us in sorrow and loss? It just takes away the joy of living now. We just TOLERATE Life because we have no other choice. I AM SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS. May God come close to you and lift you up out of this sorrow and carry this burden of grief for you and everyone on this site.

Apr 29, 2014
me too
by: Ryans Mom

3 years 4 months since I lost my son and just this morning - I was thinking Dear God how can I keep going on like this. But the moment passed and here I am into another night lost without him but knowing that I have to go on for the other people in my family - just miss him so and your words hit so close to home. One day closer......

Apr 29, 2014
Your son
by: Kate

I know I'm still in a shock of some sort too
So we can go on,me going on 1 1/2 yrs that
My wonderful son left earth......
Cannot believe I survived this deep pain.
Credit to Holy God who helps me daily.
My heart is with you.

Apr 29, 2014
by: Cynthia

I lost my son April 20th 2011. I agree with you both, there are days I am just so tired of living my life without my son that I tell God that I am ready to go. But, then I stop and think about my surviving family and I know I need to be strong and get through one day at a time. I have to believe I will see my son again. Everyday is one day closer to being with my son again.
Hang in, it is all we can do.
With love to you both.

Apr 29, 2014
dear johns mum
by: vicky

it is three years this year that we lost our son to a careless driver who killed him, life does seem to get harder each year but we just have to keep going. Some days I would just love to be with him an then I think of the rest of my family and have to keep going. My thoughts will be with you and I hope you are able to see some joy again one day.

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