4 months too soon... My angel Damion Michael Jeralds

by Randie May Jeralds
(Sycamore, IL, USA)

My husband, Richard and I first met while I was on a blind date with another man. He was a Private First Class in the United States Marine Corps. We married September 22, 2009 only 2 & 1/2 months after meeting. Two weeks after we married he was deployed to Alasad, Iraq. He was there for 5 months and returned Feburary 5th, 2010. I found out I was pregnant mid March and all of the doctors told me that everything was healthy and normal. All of the testing came back fine and I had no issues with gestational diabetes even though I was plus size to begin with. At 22w 2d we had our fetal development ultrasound at the Robert E. Bush naval hospital in Twentynine Palms, California. It was there during our ultrasound that we asked our U.S technician if she was able to tell the gender of our child. She replied "I cannot see very well, I'll be right back. I'm going to have the doctor take a look and ok these photos for your medical chart." My husband and I thought nothing of it and went along arguing about if it were a boy or girl and what the name would be. About 10 minutes or so a male doctor entered the room we were in. He oddly did not introduce himself and neither my husband or I had ever seen him. He very bluntly told us " I have some bad news" Richard and I thought maybe missing a finger, arm, leg, you know something we would be able to work through; The doctor proceeded to tell us: "Your baby is dead.... There is no heartbeat" then he turned around and left the room. My jaw dropped in disbelief and i just stared at my husband. Then the tears started running down my face then the rage set in. I completely lost control. I ended up flipping an ultrasound machine and putting my head through a wall. My first child... gone. I was excorted out of the room and down a long empty hallway and into an office where I met a female doctor Dr. Singer. An amazing and understanding woman. See I didn't have a doctor. With military always being moved to new stations you'd be lucky to have the same doctor for 3 months at a time. She sat Richard and I down and explained what the pictures meant and offered counseling (which we immediately refused) we asked what we were supposed to do now. Dr. Singer told us of our two options: D&E or induce to deliver. I automatically said that I didnt want to see the baby but Richard told me that he wanted to at least see his child. So i reluctantly agreed for induce and deliver. We asked to be transferred 4 hours southwest to Balboa Naval Hospital in San Diego, California where I am from. We scheduled everything for July 15th, 2010 and then the wait was on. After we left the hospital Richard had to return to post only to tell his Sgt & Gsgt the news. One of his Cpl's stopped him and told him to get back to work so Richard asked to speak with Sgt and Gsgt. The cpl refused and told him that he could speak with him in regards to whatever the issue was. So he told him that our child had just passed away and that we were being transferred to San Diego and that he needed to request emergency leave. The Cpl looked at my husband crying and responded "I don't know why the **** your crying, it's just a dead kid it's not like you knew it." I then watched from the parking lot my husband attack his Cpl and beat him into the ground. He was then pulled off by Sgt. He finally spoke with Sgt and Gsgt and was released on a open ended emergency leave. His Gsgt (Gunny Galvon, the sweetest man I've ever met) told Richard not to return till everything was squared away and his family cared for. The days following became even harder. I started feeling disgusted with the fact that I was still carrying a deceased child within me. Then I would feel guilt.. for not taking better care of myself. Then i felt completely alone. The day finally came where I delivered my baby. After an intense 8 hour petocin drip and rupturing my beautiful son Damion Michael Jeralds was born breech July 15th, 2010 weighing 8.1 ounces and measuring 9.5 inches long.

It is still as fresh in my mind today as it was that day. I have my ups and downs. Including a near death suicide attempt in October 2010. But after the clouds faded away we were told that we again were expecting another baby. We found out memorial day 2011 and now have a beautiful baby boy.



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