8 Years ago today

by Gina Fedele
(planation Fl, USA)

This pic reminds me of the days I had with my grandma I missthoes days!

This pic reminds me of the days I had with my grandma I missthoes days!

Hello I am Gina Brianna Fedele I am 17 years old, 8 years ago today I lost someone very close to me, My grandma(mop mop)when I was little my mom and dad worked a lot and Mop mop was the one who was there, I stayed with her so much she was a 2nd mom to me. I just cant believe it has been 8 years! Mop I miss you so much, I really miss having you in my life. People say to me well it has been 8 years now but the loose of a grandparent or any one close in your life is imposable to get over even if you think you can you cant. I am older but don't know what to do I am still in school and I don't wanna cry but I don't know what to do.
RIP mop mop i miss you so so so much and if I could go back in time I would just to the day you got sick so i could have said a proper goodbye with you able to resound not in a coma I miss you so very much.
I guess Heaven was needing a beautiful angle like you.
Love you now and always and I will see you in Heaven,
Gina(your granddaughter)

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May 31, 2014
8 Years ago today
by: Doreen U.K.

Gina you lost your grandmother who was also a mother to you by caring for your welfare when you were 9yrs. of age. Children are not catered for well when a close family member dies. The parents try to shield and protect their children and I guess this is what happened to you. You were not given the space to process your loss and grieve. You have internalised your grief and the pain won't go away till you start to deal with it. Crying is good grief and you need to cry. If you can't then you need to see a grief counsellor who is skilled to help you start the grief process. Crying won't make you ill or cause you to fall apart. It is the expression of grief and where your healing comes from. Crying is a normal emotion. We cry when we are hurt. To repress this is harmful. You have been repressing your grief for 8yrs. and it won't get any better. It may even prevent you moving forward in your life in a positive and healthy way. It could even interfere with your school studies and learning ability. Not expressing your grief can cause a blockage and affect learning. Better to deal with this sooner than later. You can also keep a journal and write out all your hurt feelings and get this out of your system. Also writing letters to your grandma in your journal and let her know how you feel since she died and how unhappy you are. etc. it will help you feel better. You can also talk to your parents or another adult or school counsellor and let them know how you feel. Just don't let anyone tell you that you should be over your grandmother's death and you shouldn't be feeling the way you do because it has been 8yrs. THEY WILL BE WRONG.
You were a child at the time and not allowed to grieve. You didn't grieve otherwise you wouldn't be feeling the way you do. Any adult would listen and support you. Any who doesn't respect how you feel you just ignore until someone does take your pain seriously and gives you the support you need. You are a young adult now and capable of taking responsibility for seeking a counsellor. Which is also a mature and positive thing to do for yourself.

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