8 years later and i still miss my mom, Id give anything for one more day with her

by jeannie

Its been eight years today that my mom passed, with the angels floating in her room to take her to heaven. I still pick up the phone to call her and give her some kind of news be it good/bad or just asking for a recipe of one of our favorite dishes she served... or just to say hi...it never goes away never especially when she was your best friend, someone to laugh,talk, cry, giggle or whatever. I think back of of all the fun things we did together and also all the naughty things we did together. Such silly things we would do. Mom was the one person I talked to everyday no matter if it was just a hi, what are you doing? The last days of her passing we talked and talked about things i thought she never new about but she always said "i knew what you girls were doing". One of the last things I said is "I wished i didn't like you so much,this would be so much easier" So besides loving each other, we actually liked each other. She wasn't just my mom, but all my friends mom and my brothers too..she was that just kind of mom. Everyone was always at our house, she loved to have parties,she was the PTA president, Blue Birds and Cub Scout leader,...you name it she was a part of it. Mom never stopped, always said the dust bunnies will be their but you kids won't . How true that is now that I'm a mom. Everyday i think of her and wish she was here... in my heart i know she is...but just to have one more day with her...i sleep and hope of dreaming of her just the thought that she will enter my dreams... sometimes she my heart hurts for her in a way i never thought possible.. every passing day they say gets easier, it does but I'm still in such pain of losing my best friend my mom...

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Oct 10, 2012
me too
by: Annie

It's been eight years since my mom died too and I still miss her. Days will go by and I don't say anything to my friends or my partner, but most days I think about her . . . Mom would make this dish or that . . . Mom would be nuts about the political situation right now. My mom would be 80 this Oct 27th. She was only 71 when she died. But a lot of the time when I think of her, I keep it to myself--since the relationship was between Mom and me, no one else would quite get it.
I don't think I'll ever stop being sad when I think of my mom--and I think that's okay. There's absolutely nothing wrong with feeling sad nor with missing someone with whom we are inextricably linked.

Feb 24, 2012
You speak of your mom with such KINDNESS
by: Anonymous

I wish I could have met your mom she sounds like an amazing woman...you just do not come across those kind of women very often..and to think that you had her to nurture you and to shape your life...how special is that. You are so lucky and the rest of your family, and neighborhood as well. She has obviously left her love prints on you and you can leave them on generations to come. God bless you for the gift that keeps on giving. So go out in the world and pour out into others what your mother has poured into you - all her gifts, whatever they may be...as you begin to give to others....whether they be words of kindness, a smile, a listening ear... whatever you saw you mother do... that sadness will disappear and you will no longer miss you mother for you will recognize that your mother is working right there beside you aiding in everything you choose to do. Nancy

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