A broken hearted good woman....

I was with my husband for 8 yrs.I really Loved my husband with all my heart ,but I guess my love wasn't good enough .I forgave him over and over again.He would leave,and I would let him come home every time.He had and still does have a drug addiction.I'm more sad I gave my all to try to save our marriage.I'm very frustrated.He has his own barbershop and treats me like dirt on the ground another woman is reaping all the benefits that I put into him.Now I'm sad and lonely .I pray that I get over this broken heart soon :( FROM.A GOOD BROKEN HEARTED WOMAN...

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Oct 01, 2014
A broken hearted good woman......
by: Doreen UK

You can hold your head up high that you did all you could to make your marriage work. This is what a good hearted woman would do and you did, so don't feel you wasted your time. Your husband was just too blind to see. You built him up and he will never forget this even if he is not aware of this at the moment from being in relationship with another woman who is reaping the rewards you deserve. You can applaud yourself for a job well done. He is a drug addict you say. What makes you think that this won't affect his new relationship? If he is treating you like dirt you don't have to take it. You can separate yourself from him and do all you can to raise your self esteem so that you can survive the harsh challenges you face from your Ex husband. FOCUS is going to help you move forward and on with your life and not have someone in your life who is not good for you. Don't waste your time looking for reasons why your relationship broke up. WE are living in the days when all caring seems to have gone out of life and selfishness, and self is on the throne. It hurts so much when you build up a life with someone and someone else comes and reaps the benefits and has none of the hard stuff the wife has to deal with. This adversity should make you stronger and show him that you are a SURVIVOR. No use crying over the man you loved and lost. Taking him back every time he cheated on you, will only make you feel used and abused. Appeasing a man will not win him back. Let him go, and never let him back into your life if things go wrong for him and his life doesn't work out. The best revenge is to make a success of your life and show your EX you don't need him. It will hurt for a long time when you love someone so much and he doesn't love you back in the way you need and want. It reminds me of a saying my sister always used. "How come everyone gets chicken and I get the bones." This is one time you will have to build yourself up and nurture yourself back from the brink of sadness losing the one you love. Just don't become anyone's doormat. If he treats you like dirt, don't stick around, to take it. Try and move to a place where he won't be in your face, or you be in the firing line for his caustic remarks. Love yourself back into life. The hurt won't last. Grief has it's day and then you do recover.

Aug 15, 2014
by: Judith in California

Dear broken hearted, it's not that your love or devotion wasn't good enough, it's because his wasn't good for you. He did you a favor. You'll see in the long run. What happened was about him not you. You couldn't have changed him if it took your last breath. Stop blaming yourself .

If you think for a minute that the new woman is reaping all the rewards then think again. He has a pattern of emotional abuse and drug abuse. This new woman , if she is smart, will eventually leave him unless she wants what you had emotionally from him.

Please don't envy her..pity her.

Why would you want a man that treats you like dirt? Think about that question. What is it about you that you that doesn't think you deserve better from the man in your life. Women must smarten up and stop trying to prove you are worthy of their love. Men have to show they are worthy of your love.

If you give up all of who you are to be in a relationship with someone then it's not good and never will be.
Get back your self esteem and move on to better for yourself.

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