A cat named George

by George's Mommy

The first time I saw George, was a photo in the newspaper and it was love at first sight. The caption under the photo said you were 12 years old. I knew I needed to act fast because the SPCA deems an older cat not worth saving. You were sitting in your cage knowing your days were numbered with an emptiness in your eyes. You stole my heart. While going through the adoption process the elderly attendant asked which pet she needed to get ready and when I told her she placed both hands over her heart, then hugged me. She said I was getting a special cat and he was hours from being put down. On the ride home you never said a word. The moment you exited the cage at your new home I discovered how special you were. Every room was expertly inspected. Cabinet doors were opened and banged shut. Drawers were opened and entered into. When a closet door was opened you were there and sometimes accidentally closed in until your meows alerted me. You never was a lap kitty but had to lay next to me on a table, or desk as I worked on the computer. We were always together. When I left the house you walked me to the door and waited there until my return. George was always left in charge of his sister/brother cats and demanded his pay in treats. He loved his rattle rats and would cry out with a rat in his mouth that he had his baby. All new toys were his. George loved chasing the fluffy one aka his sister, just because. There was nothing better than a cardboard box full of shredded newspaper to play and sleep in. George loved chicken and cheese. For the six years we had you I never had cheese on my pizza because it was yours and you loved it. You loved to jump and catch your nibbles and you never missed. Your last day you wanted me by your side. I gently washed your face with a moist papertowel to mimic kitty kisses. The moment you passed part of me passed too. It's been two days now and I can't stop crying. I had no idea how much of an impact you made on our family. It was the first time I heard my husband ... your daddy cry out in sorrow and we held each other sobbing. The house seems empty. I hope The Rainbow Bridge on your memorial card is true. If I could say one thing to anyone reading this it would be don't over look an older pet when adopting. They are so grateful to have you and they will let you know how much they love you everyday. It's incredible the love you will receive.

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Mar 18, 2017
by: Wurd

George & Anna were very young rescues my son found under a canoe at Colyer Lake. Anna had been bitten by a dog or coyote and George was her gard sibling.
They were great cats, although we found George to have super powers, so I called him Super Kitty! He liked it!

The end

Aug 08, 2011
Your cat named George
by: Glenda C.

What a wonderful tribute to George. He must have been a real delight and plenty of life left in him. It's amazing how God puts so much personality in his creatures; they bring us so much joy and comfort. I'm so sorry for your loss and understand your tears. I pray that you will eventually find a peaceful acceptance about his passing and joy in your memories while he was with you.

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