a feel so empty inside...

by kelly

I lost 3grandparents within 7days.. Ma nana passed away on the 30-04-12 she was 78 she was married 2 ma grampa he passed away 02-05-12 just 2days apart from 1 another they were married 56years.. Ma grannie also passed away on the 06.05.12.. No words can explain how am feeling a just don't know how 2 deal wi it wen a start talk n bout it a shut down cos its so hard 2 deal with Its been 3months since all 3 were taken away I miss them soo much.. :( a hope no1 has 2 go thru this pain am going thru..

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Aug 20, 2012
a feel so empty inside...
by: Doreen U.K.

Hi Kelly I am sorry for your loss of your 3 grandpoarents in 7 days. This is such a heavy burden to carry. I was born in Scotland. Visiting Glasgow many times as I still have cousins up there. Now to get back to how your are feeling. THIS IS NORMAL. You said you hope no one has to go through what you are going through. DON'T BE SURPRISED! We all go through this when we have lost loved one's. Your grief will be harder because you had a multiple loss within days. Which is why when this happens you should try your best to see a grief counsellor who will be able to support you through this multiple loss so that you are more comfortable with your grief. You will grief often a lot of the time for a long time. Grief is different for everyone, The length of time is also different for all of us. But the PAIN IS THE SAME for all of us. I have been grieving also for 3 months. For me it seems to be more painfull each day as the numbness wears off and reality of the loss hits me. It will be the same for all of us. It will take TIME for all of us to heal slowly. YOU ARE NOT ALONE with your grief. You can also keep a journal and write out your thoughts and feelings as often as you need to. This will help get your feelings out and bring some relief. You can write in the form of letters to all 3 grandparents writing of all the memories and your special moments of love for each other. This is also a very therapeutic way of working through our grief. I hope you are surrounded by loving supportive people to help you as your grieve.

Aug 20, 2012
With Sympathy
by: Christine

I'm so sorry for what you are going thru...That is a lot of saddness in just a short time...Give yourselfsome time, honey, you never get over the loss, you just find a way to live with it!! God Bless you!

Aug 19, 2012
Reply about your 3 Grandparents
by: Anonymous

I am so very sorry to read your story. I have only yesterday put my sad story on the site. All I can say is that I do understand the pain and the sadness and the emptiness, I do believe that time will help us both and everyone who is going through this. I will include you in my prayers. Take care & God Bless


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