A Heavenly Birthday

Twelve years ago on this day, was born a cute little ball of fur. Mamma and four sisters made up his own little world, a world full of cozy naps and soft cuddles.

Then came a day when some strangers came and took him away.

He soon discovered that another world existed, one which was filled with loving pats and belly rubs! Life became an adventure with new corners to explore every day and daring feats to try.

A game of hide and seek turned into a christening when the mischievous little guy was nowhere to be found. The curious little nose slowly learnt its lessons and decided to approach unknown beings with more caution!

Each day had its own new story. Today the chilly was too spicy while tomorrow the sun was too hot! Joyfully running behind a departing friend had its own charm, while chewing a ball to pieces had a thrill of its own.

Gradually the days turned into months and months turned into years. New friends were made, some stayed, some left. But life moved on, coz he was a happy little fellow, finding joy in even the smallest things...long walks on the hill he loved so much, good food, lazy days, lots of jumps, licks, the people he loved so much and Bananas..Oh Yes!..Bananas! Life was good.

The years passed and life settled into a peaceful routine. Now the jumps were far lesser and the walks far shorter. The doc became a frequent companion. The days became tiring and the nights longer.

Finally, a time came when the urge to run up the hill was too strong. But he couldn't go without saying goodbye to his loved ones. So, although hard, he waited...

They came to him, stayed with him and gave him a final kiss goodbye. And all of a sudden, the pain was over. He could taste his favourite bananas and that meaty stick. Life was no more unappetizing and dull. He could run again. He was free....

The hills are his home now. Here, birthdays mean sharing memories with lots of new friends.

Here, birthdays mean sending blessings and watching over those who were left behind.

Here, birthdays are as special as they were in the old world.

Here, birthdays are a heavenly celebration....

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