A life taken much too soon.

by Taylor Dupree
(Staunton, Virginia)

Over the summer, I was bored and could not sleep, so at four a.m. I decided to take a walk. On my way home, I heard small little footsteps behind me. I turned to find three little kittens. These three small cats followed me all the way home. I took them inside and throughout the day convinced my parents to let me keep them. I instantly fell in love with one kitten, who I named Sasquatch after the most important person in my life. Sasquatch became my loyal companion, she always came when she was called, she slept in my bed every night, and she reminded me that I was not alone, no matter how heartless the rest of the world could be. Sasquatch was honestly the one being who loved me without question, without complications. She didn't care that I have no clue what I'm going to do with my life. It didn't matter to her that I am a lesbian. She was never repulsed by how overweight I am. Every night she would crawl up in my bed and lay for hours, just purring. She would play with anything, but socks, especially when those socks were on feet, were by far her favorite. A few months ago, it became apparent that Sasquatch was incapable of meowing. When she opened her mouth, all that came out was a small, adorable, squeak. She was the most curious and inquisitive cat I have ever known. I had never had a bond so deep with another being. This morning, on my way to school, I pulled out of my driveway and caught a glimpse of white on the road behind me. It didn't really strike me as all that strange at first, but then it hit me. I immediately ordered my brother to text my mother telling her to find Squatch. I called her from the road, and then again when I reached school. Her only response was to stay where I was, they were coming to get me. It was then that I knew for sure. I only knew Sasquatch for eight months, but in those eight months she gave me something I had never known. She was easily the most incredible cat I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I will always love her and remember her. I feel so incomplete laying here without her purring by my side and kneading my blankets. I honestly don't know how I will live without that little cat in my life.

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Apr 02, 2011
bless you in your loss
by: Anonymous

Oh, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your dear dear cat companion!

I don't know why we have the thing called "loss" in this life...

But I do know that my life is richer for the loving beings that I have known....cats included.

And I am grateful to have known those loving beings, even if it means that I have some grieving to do in the aftermath of their passing.

I would much rather have known and loved them --- and feel this loss-- than not have known them at all.

That's one consolation I'm trying to remember.

And now I have to learn to love myself.

And that is what they would want for me.

They would want me to live.

To love.

To appreciate the world.

And to give back some of the love that I have received along the way...

So I'll try.

Dammit, I'll try.


Time for sleep.

I'm up way too late tonight.


Apr 01, 2011
What an adorable cat
by: Julie,Michigan

Hi, my name is Julie. My parents didn't allow me to have animals growing up. So as soon as I got my own place after graduation I got a cat. Then i got a companion for the cat. They lived to be 17 and 13 years old. You could say we grew up together. I moved out with my boyfriend and my family disowned me. Yeah. So the bond with the cats was even stronger. Just like you said, they were there unconditionally. My 13yr old cat Tigger passes away a year ago Feb. and although no other cat can Ever replace him, I did just adopt another cat, and it has helped me a lot with my grief. SHE (I wanted the exacted opposite opposite of Tigg, so I wouldn't disrespect his memory) is silver, he was brown, and she really does help me. I tell her about him. Maybe talk to some of your friends who would understand how important "animals" are. I know some people don't get the bond. Hang in there. You have a lot of living to do, it is ok to love again, someday.

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