a living nightmare

by Tiffany

Last weds night I got a strange text message from my husbands cousin. It asked if we were ok. I was confused because it was 10pm and we were getting ready for bed. I responded with ? then he said he heard a rumour that my mother in law was in an accident. I responded with no she is fine she is in Florida on vacation. So I said something to my husband and we started calling her and there was no answer. so we started making calls and finally someone said "sorry to tell you this, but your mom is dead". I still cant beleive it at this point because how would these people know before us, it has to be a rumour, right? So we then we start calling hospitals in the area we think she is staying and no one has record of her being there so once again I am thinking ok she is fine, its a misunderstanding. well about 45 mins of this we got the call from his uncle, the state police where just at his house and it is true, her and the 3 other friends in the car were killed. apparently no one knew how to reach my husband because they had different last names. This is such a nightmare for my family. My husband has no parents now at age 32 because his dad passed away 4 years ago from a heart attack. My kids lost there grandmother and I lost someone like a mom. She meant so much to us and she did so much for us. Right now my emotions are so erratic and I really just dont know what to do. I am starting to eat and sleep so that is one step forward. I just dont know how we are going to make it through this and i am afraid of the future.

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