A loss of a mother should only make you stronger...

by Ahmed

I only say that to try and convince my self to move on, and I say it every day. My mother has died from Cancer on 11/11/11. A day I can not forget.

As all other mothers, she is sweet, caring and a great mother. Sometimes I ask, why? Sometimes I look around and all I see are people, that are living now, but one day, are dead. What is life? What is our existence? How can I go on?

And again, the that should make me stronger. I should only make her happier and more proud. I must do good for her sake, in Islam, when your intentions of doing good deeds are true, and when you remember your mother when you are doing them, she also benefits from your good deeds in the life after.

Life after...? now that is another topic...

God bless you all, bless my Mother and all your Mothers. Be strong, stay strong, do all the good deeds you can for your mother, make her proud. Make her happy, although she is dead, she feels us, hears us and loves us.

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Apr 23, 2013
Mother love
by: Nim

Mothers are precious because they give utter and unconditioned love. One can honour the memory of a mother by sharing and offering as much unconditioned love as one can. God bless all the mothers from the Universe!

Oct 30, 2012
101yrs old my mum
by: Wendy

Although my dear mum was 101yrs she was so well until the end. so with it and still reminding me of the things that I shouldnt forget, I know that my 2 sisters and my brother feel the same as me we just got so used to mum being around we thought she would stay alive forever., we miss her so so very much,Love you mum forever.

Jan 10, 2012
A mother is irrreplaceable
by: Katie

Ahmed: I lost my own mother on 12/11/11, one month after your loss. I am still in a daze, shocked from her loss as her death was totally unexpected. I don't think that the pain would be any different, expecting the loss or having her gone from one day to the next. All I know is that I wish my mother was still here and I share in your grief. A mother is irreplaceable.

Jan 09, 2012
we both will walk again with the ones we loved and have lost
by: Angel Smith

My grandmother was my mom and I miss her so very much but I miss my Phil even more. 4 years ago we started down the cancer road. Phil was told he had lung cancer he fought and won and a few months later I was told I had breast cancer again I fought and won , as I was fighting breast cancer my little dog and friend of 15 years passed with bone cancer then a few months of wow we have come thru and there is light and then Phil fell one day and we took him to the doctors and were told that he had brain cancer , He did full brain radiation but it didnt help this time. Phil passed from this world to the next in May of the year 3 days short of out 43 wedding anv. I dont know why , I only know he is gone and I miss him so very much. He was my life and with out him I feel as if I dont have a life any more. I cant tell you how to stop the pain of loss but I know how I get thru the nights when its really bad is to pray to what I know to be a loving heavenly father. I dont know what you call him and I am not sure that the name is important only that we know that he is there and knows us and hears us when we pray. Will that make all go away no I dont think so but for me it helps and in my heart I know what ever name you give him , he hears and loves you as he does me. In our faith we will be able to walk again and smile because our god gave us such a wonderful gift , you call her mom I call him Phil.. How blessed we are to have had that in our lives. And I am sure that each time you do good your mom smiles just as my Phil does. God bless you now and forever. Angel--yes thats my name--from my grandfather..

Jan 07, 2012
Prevail is all we can do
by: Karen

Oh dear Ahmed! I am so sorry for your loss. You miss your mother so much as you should. This is a tremendous loss. A loss that does not make an ounce of sense yet it is very real. The loss of my mother left me shell shocked, nothing was ever going to be the same. Life was going to be forever different. It wasn't OK at the beginning and it still isn't OK. What I realize is that I am beginning to integrate the loss and begin to navigate over this new terrain without my mother. I will never be the same but I will prevail. Prevail that is all any of us can do. Honor your mother by being true to yourself and honoring what you feel at any moment. This is like a roller coaster but you too will prevail.

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