A man who change other peoples lifes

by Jessica Lohr
(Rancho cucamonga, CA, United States)

My grandpa was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He was 72 years old he practically raised me as his own. He would treat people like he knew them forever. He loved going on camping trips with his family, friends, and his dog named pixie a miniature dachshund. I remember every morning he would walk out early in the morning all dressed and ready to go for the day to get his newpaper and read it every morning in his den where he had a while wall of the campin adventures he and his wide Jan had together. They both traveled across the United States. Pretty soon my grandpas cancer was getting worse, the doctors gave his 3 surgerys to cure this. He started getting more skinnier over time because of him not being able to eat, he's a strong believe in Christianity but had a bad experience win churches over the years. But my mom which is his daughter sat and talked about our church; Crosswalk fellowship and for 20 years he would always! Say no I don't wanna go. But after that talk he finally went back to church. He would always call me mizz Jessie-cuh in a cute tone that would make me smile. But by me smiling and him knowing I'm ok in my life only made him happier. He cherished his grandchildren so much. every Sunday morning even when he was hurting from the cancer he would still want to come to church. This man changed so many lives at our church and showing them how strong we all can be with Gods faith by our side. I would always want to come and visit him when he was in his hospital bed. He's had times where he's given up on this. It was a full year since he's had the cancer and doctors told him he only had a month to live but he lived longer than a month but a full year! As we entered June he started going into a coma. We had friends from our church come and visit him while he was in a coma but would break away from I and wake up for certain voices. He could barley speak I could tell by his face how frustrated he was with him being in pain. Our pastor prayed do him saying "dear Jesus we come to you today to take this man in your arms."after everyone left my grandpas daughter stayed the night to keep and eye out for him. It was 9:45 that night and my grandpa asked for a glad of water. She went to go get him water. By the time she came back Gods angels took him into a better life with no suffering and unending love. It was June 9, 2012 at 9:46am that he passed I still cry about this every night. The next day when we went to visit my grandma it felt weird not seeing him there with a hug and a tease from him. He would always appreciate my art for photography. Ever since my grandpa left it's been cacaos without him. I'm just happy he's in a better place than here getting to see Gods face with all his answers answered.

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