A memoir to burn the soul

by Rahul
(Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan)

My name is Rahul and this is the story of how I lost the most beloved person of my life...

I am 20 and live in Karachi; about a year ago I met her, in a family function.... too beautiful, too young and too simple she was. She was 18, 2 years younger than me and when we left the party we were friends...

We became closer and closer, started long calls, second by second texts and eventually dating...@ 4-5 times a month!!

Since the beginning of the relationship, she was engaged to someone in UAE, a person 10 years elder to her. I knew it, from the very first day, actually before than that, and I had no intention to think that way. I only knew that she was my friend and she was turning to be my life... entering unnoticed, calmly and silently becoming my heart and soul. I don't know when exactly I fell in love with her...

She deserved to be loved, so beautiful, so beautiful hardly enough to imagine, so simple, so caring and so loving, charming.......... we had had the best moments of our life together, no place in Karachi was left were we hadn't dated... enjoyed, ate, giggled, romance and everything...

We both knew we loved eachother, and numberless times we had said it to each other.... expressions were a matter of seconds to both of us!!

But when it came to marriage, she denied every every every possibility because she thought she wasn't able to break the engagement without her parent's consent and will; and that is impossible. She was not that firm in the beginning, but she turned too firm with the passage of time... she said she loved me too, but she could only keep a distant friendship, a limited relationship......

Since then my world has gone, my dreams are shattered and life has turned to nothing for me....she will marry that man in the coming December and be his life partner forever....

I still love her but I have nowhere to go, no one to share my grief with, no remedy, no hope, a whole life of loneliness awaiting me; because I would never be able to love someone else again. We talk often even nowadays. I am totally depressed, am alone, I have no family, no parent, no sibling; I lost them all one by one and no friends... I'm a business student at a prestigious institute but all of this can't get me back into life...


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Aug 08, 2010
A word of thanks
by: Rahul

I thank all of you from the depths of my heart, all of you, but at this stage I can do nothing but to wait for the death siren to ring. December is approaching, Jan 8 has been fixed...how miserable...when you have to see everything before your eyes!!!

Jan 15, 2010
You Are Valued
by: Anonymous

Guess What! You cannot control another person's life. If she has chosen to walk the path set out by her family, you cannot change it. You have offered her another life with you, but you cannot force her to decide to go with you.

That does not make you any less valuable. What can you give to others? People are hurting in Haiti, in the slums of so many cities, and possibly right next door to you. Look out, not in. There are many possibilities. Your pain will ease when you give to another human being, expecting nothing in return. Try it! It's a miracle cure for the depths you are in right now.

Jan 15, 2010
True Love Waits
by: Anonymous

I do not wish to be disrespectful of your traditions. That is why I remain anonymous. But If your True Love is to marry Next December, you have almost a year for her to see that True Love Seldom is something that most are not fortunate enough to experience. She will decide on Love versus her strong sense of tradition and Faith. Do not push, just keep Loving her as you have. She'll come around. I would....HH VA.

Jan 15, 2010
by: Charlene Flagg

I am so sorry to hear of your pain and broken heart. While it does not seem so right now, trust God that you will see brighter days. Thank God that you have a heart that is capable of such a deep love. Have faith that your heart will be filled with even a greater love, though unimaginable now that may seem.

Remember to cast all your cares upon God, because He cares for you. He does still love you!

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