A New Year like no other

by Samirah

Like everyone on this site I also lost my Dad.I would like to share my story. So here goes.
My father died on the 31st December 2011 but we discovered his decomposed body on the 3rd January 2012.He died at the age of 62 from a heart attack.
Well Like any other man my Dad was not perfect, He was an alcoholic and when I was small he fought with my mother, but that's not a reason not to love a father. Hate is as strong as emotion as love. He was my everything. He taught me good and bad, how to love and be loved and how to be kind to others although life may kick you very hard in the back side every now and then.
My father was very sweet. Losing him has made me stronger although it really hurts a lot. On the 31st December 2011 when me and my boyfriend's family were in town celebrating new year and my brother was having a party at his place, my Dad was home alone and already dead. I called my Dad the next day wanting to wish him Happy New Year but no answer,I felt sick all of a sudden, I told everyone something is wrong and that something has happened to my dad but they said he is fine you are just being negative. But it's like I felt it and back home my Grandma and cousins said they heard noises and voices in the middle of the night but no one bothered. My Grandma said during his last moments on earth he was trying to say goodbye to us.
My father always said to celebrate his death, he enjoyed his life drinking and visiting every corner of the world as he was a sailor since he was 21 years of age and that is when he started drinking. He would always say that when he would leave us for good, I would bring his cross in church and my brother will pour whiskey unto his coffin as he was being buried. And we did just that. When he would say that he would cry a little then look at us and smile again. At least I know he is Happy and that he would want us to remember him during his good days. He will be missed and thought of always. May Heaven welcome his golden Smile. I love my Papa

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