A Part Of Me Died With The Death Of My Mother

by T.
(Dayton, OH)

I am a 42 year old female with a husband and 3 children. On Friday, 6/28/13, my father was suddenly rushed to the hospital for throwing up huge amounts of blood. From there, my family received 1 piece of bad news after another. Both my parents lived in GA. I live in OH, but went to GA to be with my father, pray for healing, help my mother because she could barely walk-used a wheelchair and my father did many things for her, and support my mother in the spirit. I spent so much time going to the hospital every day with my mother. Until I was about 11 yrs old, I never went any where without my mother. I had asked my parents so many times to move back to OH, not telling them how much I needed them spiritually. A month later on Friday, 7/26/13, my father died. Two weeks after my father's funeral, on Friday, 8/16/13, my mother was rushed to the hospital for a massive heart attack and passed away on Monday, 8/19/13. I made it to G A o 8/18/13 and spent as much time as I could with my mother. My mother was put in a medication induced coma, but I know she heard me talking to her. As soon as I told her I was there she tried to raise up several times, tried to open her eyes, and tried to lift up her left arm. The nurse explained they wanted her to rest and stay asleep so her body could heel. I told my mother she had to rest so her body could heel, but that I know she could hear me, and that I was not going anywhere. Now that she has gone to be with the Lord, I feel like apart of me died with her, a part of my will to live died, and I look forward to the day when I can be with my mother and father again. Even though I know that the love I shared with my parents never dies, it is just so hard to live my life without them physically being here. I know it is going to take time for me to work and grow through my grief with the strength of the Lord. I seen so many miracles happen through this spiritual journey! I know that I am so much stronger in my faith in the Lord because of the miracles that I was a witness to. Still, my longing to be with my parents, my missing them, and my sadness remains. It is better than when they first died, but it is still there. I hoped me sharing my testimony has been beneficial to someone in knowing they are not alone. Someone else can understand your loss, grief, and sadness. I know just writing about it has helped me!

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Sep 29, 2013
Reply to Doreen
by: T.

So So sorry for the loss of your husband. Thank you for the very kind words and wisdom. Yes, no matter how muvh faith we have, it is natural to miss our loved ones that have went to be with the Lord. I absolutely LOVE your philosophy "SEE YOU IN THE MORNING". I have been using it regularly.


Sep 29, 2013
Reply to anonymous
by: Anonymous

I am so so sorry for the loss of your mother. Thank you for sharing your story with me. The Chinese lanterns sound beautiful. It is a wonderful way to remember your mother. God bless you.

Sep 23, 2013
in the arms of the angels
by: Anonymous

I find a lot of inspiration from reading stories like yours. i also lost my mother on 27 aug 2012. she died suddenly. i did not have time to say goodbye to her. i miss her every minute of the day. today is her birthday. she would be 70 today i went to her grave this morning. i layed flowers and a ballon for her. as it was one of the things i would have done for her today if she was still alive. tonite i am going to send up some chinese lanterns to heaven to tell her how much i wish she has had a wonderful day with the angels in heaven. take care and god bless.

Sep 23, 2013
A Part of me Died with the death of my mother
by: Doreen

T I am sorry for your losses of both parents. It doesn't matter how spiritually strong we are in the Lord we each have our own journey and God does teach us much along the way. BUT. It is normal to want our parents to be with us as long as possible in our life.
Your story of loss and Hope does Bless others. I was Blessed by your post.
I lost my husband of 44yrs. 16 months ago from cancer. I didn't say goodbye. I was not ready to let him go. When I said. "Well God if you can't heal him then take him" It was then 8 hours later he died on the day he was anointed for healing. It wasn't to be. I was angry for a long time with God. God knew I didn't want to be angry with Him but it was all part of grief and loss. Trying to process our loss and all the many triggers of memory. Saying good-bye is not important to one who believes in God and in his coming back to earth for those who love Him. I know I will see my husband again so my prayer would be "See you in the morning." Best wishes.

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