A Poem About Loss of a Soul Mate

Miss you so much
I cannot believe you are gone
My life doesn't feel the same
How am I to go on.

You claimed you'd always love me
And that you'd always be there
You wanted a Family with me
You'd build us our Lair.

We watched shooting stars
Marveled the stormy lights
We rode along many highway
Traveled on warm Baja nights.

We talked about everything
for hundreds of hours
Your friends thought you quiet
But I knew you, your voice and your power.

I don't understand
Why God doled such strife
The Cancer took you
We never finished Our Life.

You said you'd always loved me
the good and the bad
We never had one quarrel
Except for one...it was so sad.

You told me the reason
And that you loved me so much
You apologized to me, forsaken us
Because you weren't tough enough.

Ten years we loved each other
Yet it felt like forever
We knew everything to know
No talking required.

I tried to leave but
You told me I was your true Mate
You insisted no ocean could separate us
When we discussed our Fate.

M on Facebook she smiles
That big ugly grin
How can she look so happy
Despite all her sin.

You never loved her
But you adored Nick and Iz
You'd said you'd just suffer
To help watch over the kids.

We made a choice
To put Us aside
For the sake of the kids
And to preserve your Celebrity Pride (Ride) .

I now mourn in Private
While the world sings your praise
They ALL admire you and your Talent
Yet they know nothing about your True ways.

The life we'd have together
The dreams, hopes and wishes
We talked of them quite often
During sweet, tender kisses.

You thanked me often
for giving you Happiness and Light
Before we discovered the Cancer
You thanked me for saving your Life.

We were discussing marriage
Suddenly! Word of the illness
Separated Us physicially
So you could battle it fullest.

You needed to focus
To prolong your own life
And fighting the deadly illness,
O Fate!
To not be your Wife.

When we put the kids first
They were the gem
How they were feeling
And what was best for them.

And now heartbroken
I am crushed that you are gone
I regret I didn't stand up enough
For Us - To Those
Of that hot, sandy racing sun.

All the prose and words in papers
and on the web claims her relation
Alas! You only wanted to be with me
And the kids,
But you were stuck under M's probation.

She put you through such misery
But for the sake of the kids
You accepted,
Claims her faux relationship to you -
Completely unchallenged.

A grotesque lie on paper
Creating such distress
For I... You told me were

Your Greatest Love
Your Wife
And your Best Friend.

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Feb 08, 2017
Lost without my soulmate
by: Anonymous

Seeing other posts about losing there soul mate helps to know I am not the only one on earth going through the worst grief we will ever experience. I hate when I wake up in the morning, I hate the long drawn out day, I hate the night. This man was my entire world for 22+ years. Our marriage was like a fairy tale. I knew I was blessed the entire time we were married. Our love for one another was one that most could only dream of having. The cancer ate him up from the outside in and inside out destroying his entire face beyond recognition and he passed away only 8 months after being diagnosed. My world has been shattered. I see no reason to carry on this world is dark and empty without my Mikey. There is not one person on this earth that can help me with this pain. I was truly blessed all the years of our marriage and God how I miss him. Thank you for listening.

Apr 27, 2016
by: Anonymous

the loss of the one constant in anyones life is traumatic at best and a constant agony at the worst, this is me now, how long will the pain last, is what we need to know, 28yrs of happiness 22 of them a honeymoon. not many can say that.we did work together in all achievements great, my best friend, my confident, lover, and council my everything,only memories remain.grief to me is the toughest test in our lives,an emotion that amongst other traits makes us humam they say, so we can understand and feel for others in pain.you try to be normal amongst people, and fall apart in private. i am alone 61 isolated. i saw this site while trying to find answers,iam glad this site exists may it be a comfort to all those who suffer loss. 22 yrs of happiness im blessed some never get that much in this life,i cared for my ann and she died in my arms i think i also died inside at that stage having a soulmate, and losing her or him is a grief much harder to come to terms with eventually i hope it gets easier if time allows,what to do now?

Feb 16, 2014
this site
by: Molley H.

For the very short time ive visited this site,i felt,NOT so alone.I lost my dad & my soul mate/daughters dad suddenly.these two men where the only 2 people that truly loved me.yesterday was our anniversary.26 yrs.how do you? grieving for the only man you ever loved?&you are too old to start over & you know HE was the 1.so you have No desire to! I'm 52.but i feel 82.the Hurt some days are unbearable.i pray & pray.some days i feel god will take care of my heart.today? i cried all day.this is so unfair he was 54.we spent our best yrs together.how do i do this?

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