A ray of sunshine gone too soon.

by M.H.

My mother passed away suddenly in her sleep on May 6th 2012. She was only 52 years old. I went into her bedroom to wake her up.. She looked like she was sleeping peacefully and I didn't suspect a thing. I tried to wake her up... She wouldn't. I began screaming and crying trying frantically to shake her awake. My fiance and father came running in the room and we called the paramedics.. Nothing could be done... One of my best friends in the whole wide world was gone.. We soon found out there was a lot wrong with her we didn't know about.. Heart disease, failing kidneys, clogged arteries etc. I am only 20 years old... I am not dealing with this well :(.. I don't know why she had to die... She didn't deserve it... She had such a hard life.. I miss you mom :(... I love you..

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Jul 10, 2012
21 years on
by: Anonymous

I too can connect with you all. My mum died in 1991 , I was 19 and she was just 43. People said it'll get easier and sometimes it does . Then there are the times that the loss seems overwhelming and even unbearable after all these years. But really what happens is life goes on and you keep busy so as to not be consumed by grief. I still feels moments of absolute loss and aloneness . I now have my own girls 5 and 7 who will never know their Oma . I continue on and try my best to raise my girls but there are times when I feel so cheated . She wasnt there for my wedding for the birth of her grand daughters and for too many other special events. I love you mum more than ever. Until we meet again. xo

Jun 26, 2012
Luvu mom
by: Anonymous

I know how this feels. My mom passed away suddenly in her sleep just back on march 9, 2012. She was only 59. She had worked 38 years as an RN at the same hospital in town. She gave in her 2 week notice and one week prior to retiring she passed away one night. They say things like this are suppose to make us stronger, I don't believe in that. She had worked so hard her whole life saving for retirement knowing there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I am now also a believer that money can not buy happiness. I tell everyone to always tell their parents you love them, try your best to get along because it just ends so suddenly one day. My mom was my best friend, I'm beginning to cry now typing this. There has to be another light at the end of our journey in life.

Jun 17, 2012
I feel your pain as well...
by: Anonymous

I am also in my twenties and my mom was in her fifties. She lived for 10 months after her cancer diagnosis, which was when I found out that I was pregnant with my first baby. My mom was there when my daughter was born, but obviously only got to know her for a few months. Each day is a struggle to keep going and many people say, "At least you have the baby," but nothing can fill that void. I too was best friends with my mom and nothing can replace that. It is so unfair that we have to feel this way now at this point in our lives and that our poor mothers have missed out on all of these things. My mother was definitely cheated, as was I and my daughter. It is just so simply unfair.

Jun 14, 2012
Feeling your pain
by: Brittany

I found your story so close to mine. I felt I needed to comment. My mom died April 18th in a similar way. My dad found her and she was gone. She was 51 and it turned out she died of heart disease as well as some other medical terms I did not understand. I had no idea she was so sick. I am 24 and she died 2 and a half weeks before my wedding. Like you I am not dealing well. It seems the only thing that helps is keeping busy, but even the smallest things seem to get me crying. This is the first time I have ever been on this website. I feel your pain and I hope that we can both start to heal over time.

Jun 14, 2012
Sorry for your loss.
by: Anonymous

There are never any words that will comfort you. People say things with the hopes that they will but they never do. You are so very young and my heart truly goes out to you.

Having experienced the loss of my mom the only thing that I can tell you is that time lessens the pain but that pain never truly goes away. My mom passed away in '95 and there is not a day that passes that I don't think of her. Comforting to me is when the sky looks a particular way and I feel she is looking down at me; I talk to her then. Other times when I have been scared someone has mentioned her name, Hazel, and I felt she was with me. Find those times that will become memorable for you and embrace them. That will be your comfort.

Again, so very sorry for your loss.

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