A Text from Heaven from my Son

by Melissa Fisher
(Newberry South Carolina)

Jessie James Benson

Jessie James Benson

Jessie James Benson
My Son and his girlfriend he saved by pushing her off before impact
Rest in Peace Son

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I lost my Son on March 18th 2012. he was 21 yrs old. He was killed on his motorcycle. My son & his girlfriend on the back of him and was wearing his helmet. Before impact My son pushed her off his bike which saved her life. My Son was never one to let me know his personal business. When the accident happened I received his clothing and Cell phone. I came home and was being nosy, going through his phone seeing what all he had stored. Photo's. Video's Music etc. I had everything sent from his phone to mine. and at 4 am that morning I placed his phone on top of my phone and went to sleep. When I awoke at 6 am a few hours later. I seen he had a message I opened it up to find his cell phone on a LOCK Mode. I had to have a 4 digit code to open it. Before I went to bed It was unlocked and I could do anything I wanted to at that time. But when I woke up. I found I couldn't even see who was or did call or text. Called Verizon and asked if they could unlock it to find They two could NOT unlock it. After many A temps. I decided I would just place his phone On his bed and shut his bedroom door. Later that afternoon we had family over and was all sitting out side. All of a sudden, We smelt him He was all around us all. We all said " we know your here" we smell you.. we love you.. and I began to walk in the house. Me and his girlfriend was sitting at my computer picking out Photos that we would use for his Memorial Service and I received a text message. It read : ( Jessie ) I love all Y'all.. Y'all I'm still here. !! I was in shock.. I look at the time and it was sent at 5:45 pm. I smiled and said ONLY my son would find a cell phone in heaven. We all gave thanks to God and so on and while sitting there going over the photo's. I received another It read: ( Jessie ) Papaw rick here we good not alone. That was at 6:29 pm. I went to pieces. See Papaw RICK was my Dad and he passed in 1998. I was breathing so hard could NOT believe what I was reading and to this day I still have those text saved to my phone. we called Verizon and asked them about the text and said we could look on our website to see where the text came from cause his phone was still sitting on his bed Door locked. so HOW did the text get sent. We Looked on Verizon website and seen the text was sent from his phone alright but the number that they were sent from was NOT a number Verizon said even existed. was something like 0000004562. They claim that must of been sent from Heaven cause those number DO NOT EXIST!, I felt blessed to know My son contacted me to assure me he was NOT alone, he was with my dad and they were good. That is the ONLY thing that has kept me from going crazy. I know my Son and Dad are in Heaven and they were good ! What a Blessing THAT is to have and to know. Praise God !! To this day small things happen around our home too. I just look around say out loud. I Love you Jessie and Mama Knows your here. After a bit the present will leave. But he does check on me often. Sometimes even in my sleep I'll dream he crawls up in my lap and snuggles with me like he use to when he was little. I can fell him. smell him and even hold him. A TRUE BLESSING !..

I am blessed not many are bless with our loved ones contacting us either by spirit or my Phone calls from heaven.. Every time I see a penny on the ground I pick it up and place in a jar beside his Urn I just consider them Penny's from Heaven and know he's thinking of me by sending them to me.

Bless you
Melissa Fisher

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Nov 06, 2013
Shared story above
by: Melanie Griffin

I shared a story above about my son's best friend having a wreck 3 weeks to the day of my son passing....I just wanted to update my info because I know that several grieving parents have connected with me via this blog.

FacebooK: Melanie Griffin (waco, texas)
email: eagle4ever87@yahoo.com

Love to you all!

Mar 19, 2013
I am so sorry you lost your daughter
by: Melissa

I am deeply sorry you lost your daughter, Yes the pain never goes away but rest assured they are among us. Not a day goes by I do not think about my Jessie. I will pray for healing for your family and may God hugs your daughter for you everyday.

Sep 29, 2012
Thank you, Melissa, for sharing your story.
by: Melanie Griffin Edwards

As I read your story tears filled my eyes as I got chills-I lost my son in April 2011 & we've had similiar experiences-3weeks to the moment that the 911 call was placed when I found my son hanging from his bathroom doorknob I got a text on my phone from son's best friends phone-it had been sent to the best friends mom too; it read read, "Please tell our family that I love them, but I love you the most Mommy." It was sent at 12:36 am-it did not wake either of us up, but just as here on earth-my son was persistent. Next text went out at 12:47 am-it read "I've been in an accident on Hwy 7 & it's bad." This time it went to me, BF's mom, & BF's sister. Still didn't wake anyone-he didn't give up. The same text went out again at 12:58 am to the three of us & to my oldest son who had been w/the friend earlier- oldest son happened to be sitting at his brother's grave-it's about 2 1/2 miles from our home. My phone rang @ 1:03-son's ring tone woke me to the words "I need you now! Dalton's been in an accident & it's bad. I think his truck might catch fire." The accident took place on HWY about 300 yds from our driveway. Dalton,had flipped his truck end over end,cab down, crushed-he was unconscious half in the passenger window- half out on the ground. He came to when my son was pulling him out of the truck. When I pulled up Dalton was sitting in the passenger seat of my son's truck-he immediately said,"Bridger saved my life-he grabbed me & held me in my truck." As his mother & I were looking at him,in shock that we couldn't find any kind of injury, he told my son to call his phone-he had the windows down & thought he remembered it sliding across his dash. We heard it ringing-it was about 40 yds away from the truck with other random items from his truck strown through the ditch....my son still amazes me at the most random times...as we have had numerous other miracle experiences...some people would call us crazy...but almost every one of the miracle experiences/contact from my son...can be proven...we have been led to exact places and people...my niece stated after a dream she had led us to a place and person..."If I hadn't dreamed it and seen it play out here physically on earth...I'd think I should check myself into the psychiartric hospital!" I would love to hear from you...I truly believe if your heart is open, they will give you what you need to know! My email is eagle4ever87@yahoo.com or Melanie Griffin Edwards on Facebook...please contact me :)

Aug 07, 2012
Lost of my adult child
by: teresa Samano

Thank u for your story. I also lost my beautiful daughter Jan. 2010. God give you strength. Pain is unbearable.

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