A tragic blessing


I was 6 years old when a man by the name of jeremy , stepped into my home with my brother. I remember him asking my name and saying how pretty i was as a little girl. I remember my brother telling me not to let my mother know anyone was at the apartment. I believe that happened sometime in july. August came around and me and my brother shared our birthday together because my birthday is August 6th, and his was August 7th. On his birthday it came time that my mother had promised him he could have a night out in the town.. it was 1995.. taking the bus was all it was about..i guess. I remember before he left he kissed me on my forehead and said no matter what happens, just know that i love you.. I was so angry because he was leaving instead of sticking around to be with me.. i was his baby sister.. i felt he should've stayed. That was the last time i saw my brother.. days went by and i remember, me as a 7 year old telling my mom, what if he doesn't come back? As a child i knew he was missing but couldnt grasp the concept of what the possibilities were.. my mother found out.. as she had to identify his body from the coroners office.. his body had been in the sun decomposing for 3 days before he was picked up.. they took his wallet and all of our pictures from it.. laying in an alley in back of the house of a person, by which never was convicted of taking part in murdering him..which he has a facebook to this day with his own children.. very happy.. because he got away with killing my brother so viciously.. my brother was stabbed 77 times.. only 3 people were convicted of the murder..excluding jeremy the guy i met when i was 6 years of age.. hes the one whos alley, my brothers lifeless body was found.. I was in complete sorrow seeing my mother, knowing that it was me and my other older brother,10 and younger sister,6 now..no more seeing Andy anymore. As i got older i was able to tell my mom what i remembered about when my brother would bring friends over and thats when she found out that the guy who took part had gone to our home, had been around us.. they couldve gone back to finish us off.. we had to move.. years passed.. when i turned 20 i was in a relationship for about a year, ended up pregnant with my first born. I could not understand why but i would dream about Andy all the time, i would cry for him every night.. i missed him so much. On my birthday, i turned 21, i was 9 months pregnant.. i decided to go to my moms because the next day was going to be Andys birthday and i could not bare to be alone at home to sob all day.. that night as i laid down again i fell asleep and had a dream about him.. the next morning was his birthday.. and SURPRISE my water broke.. my first born son, has my brothers birthday.. he too was my mothers first born son. That is how i know the lord exists.. and i know my brother is living it up next to Jesus because i believe it was him who said please lord give her a sign that i am okay, give her a message that you exist.. Now hes going on 5, and perfectly healthy.. THE LORD EXISTS.. KEEP HIM IN YOUR HEARTS NO MATTER WHAT.. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON ANYONE WHOS COMMITTING HURTFUL SENSLESS HEARTLESS CRIMES.. HE IS THE LAST JUDGE AND JURY.. lOVE YOU ANDY AUGUST 7, 1979, SURVIVED BY MY SON AUGUST 7, 2009

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Jul 31, 2014
Thank you
by: M Chavez

Amen i say unto you Doreen.. to this day i still think about my brother.. but i know im being watched over by him and my son is living proof..

Jul 30, 2014
A tragic blessing
by: Doreen UK

I am so sorry for your loss of Andy, but happy for the blessing that came out of a horrific tragedy. I am happy you know God and you will see Andy again one day. But for now He is SAFE in the arms of God.
God takes away, AND He gives. and He Blesses us. We have to accept both whether we understand or not fully the ways of God. BE BLESSED TODAY AND ALWAYS!!!!

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