A year on Sunday

by Richie

Sunday 17th July 2011 was when my dad passed away due to cancer. His 1 year anniversary of his death is coming up soon. I was living overseas at the time when i received a call from my dad telling me he had Cancer. I felt completely lost and oblivious of what i was going to endure over the next 6-8 months.

About 6 months prior to his death i had spent various trips travelling back to the UK to see him and to support the family through this ordeal. One day i received a call from my Mum in which i was not prepared for.Dad had been rushed into hospital as his bowel was close to bursting. Dad had been diagnosed with a mature state of bowel cancer. I got the call in the morning and was on a plane shortly after rushing to get back to the UK in order to get back to see him before he went into his life threatening operation that so we was told he may not survive. Thankfully after a 24 hour flight, probably the worst 24 hours of my life knowing if dad was going to pull through or not, i arrived at the hospital after more than 35 hours of travel.

Walking into the hospital room where dad was laying i had experienced a mixture of feelings. It was great to see him but seconds after i realised he wasn't in a good state. The strong minded, confident, happy and loving dad i new was fighting for his life, fighting to see his 3 sons grow up, fighting to spend the rest of his retirement with his lovely wife, fighting to experience weddings, grandchildren and the success of the family he had perfectly created.

After we had said our goodbyes and watching him tell his brother to look after his family if he doesn't make it we said our final good-byes and he was wheeled into theatre.

Thankfully dad pulled through the operation but there was still complications.

Dad was allowed to go back home and recover. things gradually went downhill and was told his body wasn't strong enough to endure another course of Chemo therapy.

the next few months i'd see dad getting skinnier and skinnier as the cancer gradually overtook his body and stripped every ounce of personality out of him.

The day dad died was when my heart was well and truly broken and ripped from me. I was thankful that i was by my dads side when he took his last breath, i can remember it like it was yesterday. I take comfort in that he was in his home and surrounded by his family he had provided for and brought up for the majority of his life.

Shortly after dads funeral i had gone to an interview at a world renown investment bank. Part of me didn't want to go as i felt mentally and physically drained by the last 6 months. i made the decision to go and progress with the interview as this i am sure my dad would want me to do. He always said he wanted me to be a big player in this life. You have one life and the key is to make as big impact on this world as much as you can.

I got a phone call shortly after and was told i had got the job.

From this day i hope he can see me looking up at him, i still find strength from my memories.

what an amazing man, i just hope i can be the same amazing father to my kids that he was to me.

A true legend, an amazing man.

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Jul 12, 2012
A year on Sunday
by: Doreen U.K.

Richie I am sorry for the loss of your father to cancer. What an enormous battle cancer is. It is the family who has the cancer. When you are supporting your father. You become part of that battle as if you are fighting it with your father. thank you for the lovely way you wrote your story of your father's life and the impact he had on you to make you the Man you are today.
Your story is much like mine. My husband died of cancer 8 weeks ago. The journehy was hard. slowly watching your loved one die. Seeing the emaciated body get thinner and thinner. Is one of the worst experiences. What a battle I had getting food down my husband Steve. Then those special high energy drinks. Steve would not want to drink these. the food tasted bitter, due to the chemo. Cooking became a battle. Steve would not eat the food I made. he didn't see the point if he couldn't taste this. Steve was a body builder. To see a strong man become weak and lose his strength is very painful. This is the only reason a death becomes good because the suffering is over. We can go on to now reclaim the good memories and let them live in us. I am happy that you were with your father during his illness and at his passing. Congratulations on your new job. Every success in life. I am sure your father would be proud of you.

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