Abby Girl, my LadyBaby

by MiaSnow



17 years ago, i went to the Humane Society to find a new cat friend. i couldn't bear to walk all the way into the room of crying kitties... all begging for adoption, all hoping to be the one. Next to me (shyly and barely through the door) was a cage housing 2 cats, a kitten and a young adult. of course, i was drawn to the kitten, but it was a boy and i was looking for a girl. The kid next to me bargained, that if i got the girl, he'd take the boy. so i noticed that the girl was the only cat just chillin... hangin out, not meowing or trying to get attention. When i peeked into her cage and said hi, she lazily stretched and reached her paw out to me. That was the first time she made me smile.

Her first night in the house was funny. Though i lived alone, a few girlfriends were spending the night and we all camped out in the living room. As soon as the lights went out, Abby started rubbing her head on everyone's hair! Through the years, Abby tried to love on everyone's hair who sat on my sofa! A bit disconcerting to some, but others like it, and i always giggled and thought it was the cutest thing. She especially loved my hair when fresh from the shower.

Other things she loved were small styrofoam balls and menthol scent :) Sometimes i'd kiss the back of my hand when i had chapstick on, just so she could smell and lick it. She always had the best purr, so strong and so quick. I didn't have to play any games, just walking into the room made her purr... and made me feel loved and like i was the most awesome person in the world!

She loved head-butts, and ear scratching. I NEVER had to take Abby to the vet for any illnesses, she was such a healthy girl. She drank water often and never ate too much. Though, when her bowl went empty, the whole neighborhood would hear about it! she was so loud^^ and at night when all the lights went out, she'd sing. Her voice would change octaves and go all over the place (very loudly!) and it would wake me up every time with a smile.

Through the years, roomates would complain, or say my cat needed something, but i knew her. And i knew that was one of her secret pleasures. To me, it sounded beautiful. And my life hasn't been the fullest of smiles, so Abby just had this special way of making me feel joy. I don't remember ever getting annoyed with her... which for me, is weird!

Anyway, about 6 years ago she was attacked by a pack of dogs and watched as her sister got killed by them (rest in peace sweet Finklestien). I was able to scare the dogs off and save Abby. She had a HUGE hole in her knee that couldn't be sewn up because it was too big. For a whole year, her leg muscle was exposed. It was traumatizing for her and me both. That little girl put up with some incredible pain and came through it like a champion.

But you know, she never looked down or gave up on the things she liked, other than going outside. Time passed and she healed, but her body was never the same. She quit jumping and playing, and prefered to sit quietly by the window. But she was still her happy self.

The last 6 months with her, was wonderful. She finally decided to go outside a few times and she began to hang out more in the living room, kitchen or bathroom... all the places i frequent most! So there was always a happy little girl to greet me as i passed through the house. I don't want to say more about her life, other than she was the best thing for me. She was soothing and calm, always nice and sweet. She never lashed out or did bad things. I never had to discipline her and never had any troubles from her.

She's taught me a sweetness, and shown me a kindness that i want to pay forward. The thing i'll miss most is her meow. How sassy she'd get about her food, and her little greetings. 2 nights before she passed, she sang again in the dark of the night. It had been a long time since she'd done that. It woke me up and made me laugh and smile. Music to my ears. Also, she went outside to check out the rain and went closer as my boyfriend helped steady her failing body. She watched a youger cat play and jump, with great attention.

I let her smell some menthol and gave her a little tuna juice. It was the last thing she would eat. Anyway, she was a remarkable cat and friend. I want to help her spirit live on by embodying some of her ways. I love you Abby girl, and i already miss you so much. I miss singing to you. The house is so quiet now. Your presence filled so much of my life. I love you and hope you are dancing and singing away in kitty Heaven. I sure hope i get to see you again one day. *hug*

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May 15, 2010
Tears for you and me
by: Alice

Dear Mia,
I just found this website, and thought I would look in, as we just lost our dear Willie Boy of 14 years a couple of months ago and are still having a difficult time of it.

Your story was one I relate to... a very special cat that gave you very pleasure and smiles every day. I found tears for you, but also tears for me and my husband. Our Willie was also very special, a loud voice, he always had a comment, and a presence you just couldn't ignore. He'd plop over, just out of reach (everytime!!) and you'd reach, and he'd re-orient himself again, just out of reach... again. Finally, you get up and grab him, and make him sit on your lap, which he loved.

And yes, those loving ruffles he would give my hair. He would clean my head with his little loving teeth combing through my hair. We called him Willie Boy because he was so much like a boy child to us.

We're letting him go for now, but have every expectation that we will meet up again in some form.

Thank you for sharing your story, and hope you are on the mend from losing your Abby Girl.

Mar 23, 2010
I miss you and your 2 kitties....
by: Stephanie

I am glad she lived a long a full life and that her last moments were peacefull. Her and Akasha looked alike and were so close in age and I lost her a couple summers ago. and I was most sad for Abby when Finklestein passed. And Abby will definitely live on in anyone's mind who had the pleasure of her hair nuzzles and purrs. RIP Miss Abby...

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