by mom

It's been 6 weeks since my youngest son died,from a tragic accident I still can't sleep,eat or function.I cry all day long..They say it will get easier but to me it's getting harder and harder to move on!!I'm so lost without him.He would come to the house everyday with the kids,call 2-3 times daily,not hearing his voice is tearing me apart!!How am I going to go on without him?I miss him so much!!!!I hate even thinking about the holidays without him here!!

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Jan 02, 2014
by: Seana

I wonder if this is Skyler's friend in Heaven... If I met you at that event... It says Massachusetts.... This is so sad... So crazy... So unbelievable... I share your pain every second of every day... I wish I could help you but I know I can't... Only know that you are not alone....

Nov 08, 2013
by: christine

Tuesday. Nov. 12th will be one year I lost my son. It is not any easier now than it was then. I wait for him to come home. I to as the others, have God in my heart. He is the only way I can manage. He gives us children on loan. We must love them and cherish then for the time we have them. Letting go is not easy and God does understand if we get mad at Him. He knows what it feels like. With time our broken hearts will start to heal. The hurt will always be there just not as bad. Fill your heart with the beautiful memories you have. I do understand your heartache and grief, take as much time as it takes. There is no time limit. Remember we are all in this very difficult journey together and God is right there with us. I wished I would have found this web site sooner, it has helped me. I only found it about four weeks ago. Keep coming back, we can help each other. God will help us heal.

Nov 07, 2013
by: Doreen UK

Mom don't look too far ahead. TAKE ONLY ONE DAY AT A TIME. This is how I coped with the advice on this site. It has been a life saver. I took to the couch for 6 months and nurtured myself back from deep grief. I let T.V. and The God Channel T.V. comfort me and bathe my sorrows. It was an escape. But the pain was so unbearable. I did anything I could to block out that pain that was killing me. God held my pain. He is still holding it so I feel it in small doses. Keep a journal and write out all your deepest hurt feelings. It doesn't matter how often you do this. You will be healing. Write letters to Adam and let him know how lost you are without him in your life. You will be helping this pain to get out of your system slowly. You can also see a grief counsellor who is skilled and help you with your loss. My sister had to have a grief counsellor come to her home because she could not function after losing her Adult Son.
I have been grieving 18 months and it feels as if this will last forever. But it doesn't otherwise grief would kill us. Let God hold your pain and help you cope with your loss.
Unless God was holding me up I would be lost in grief. May God hold you up and comfort you and give you His peace in the days and months ahead.

Nov 06, 2013
by: Kate

My heart is with you. This month on the 17 th it will be one year since I lost my son in a tragic accidental death. I do not know how I have gone on except by strength of God. On my own I would perish it isn't something I can handle but God has power I do not and I beg for His help. Take it slow and know others understand and care and know your pain is overwhelming. We care because we have known this pain an depth of sorrow too.

Nov 06, 2013
It won't get easier, but...
by: SoSadDad

Mom, I'm so very sorry that you have lost your son. There are very few things more tragic and upsetting than to lose a child. You have every right and need to greive, not just for six weeks, but for the rest of your life. It never gets easier, but you will learn to live with it over time. If you are to survive, and remain a parent and husband, or whatever role in life you may have, you must hold on for as long as it takes. My wife and I have been greiving the loss of our two children, our adult daughters Mel and Jenn, for four and two years, respectively. It still hurts, and we will always miss them, and we still greive for them. But it doesn't always tear our hearts out like it has. You're too close to even think about recovering at all. Take the time for grieve and cry and scream. And don't let anyone tell you anything about your grief, what's right or wrong, what you should do, when you should be done, nothing. Not even me. My experience is not yours, and vice versa. You must grieve the way you will; you have a right to that. Speak of him often, tell others what a great kid he was, and how he meant so much to you. Cry whenever and wherever it comes. I cried in the drugstore, at Church, at the office. A 63 years old man crying is not a pretty sight. But I didn't and don't care. It was my girls and no one else's who died. Mom, no other parent but a bereaved one can come close to understanding what you feel. Hopelessness, helplessness, loneliness, they only begin to express my feelings. When you are ready, considering looking up, or look in the phone bood. They are worldwide, run by bereaved parents who won't push you, advise you, or judge you. They know how it hurts. You can go there and just sit and cry. And when you are ready, they will listen to you like no one else will. Because they understand. God bless you. And if there is anger towards God, He can take it. He gave us our emotions, and He gave us grief to be able to handle the troubles we will most likely face in this life. If you have Him, hold on for dear life. And come back here often. We kinda understand as well.


Nov 06, 2013
by: Anonymous

It will be hard for many months, and even years. You sound like you need a support group. Seek out compassionate friends. It has helped me get through the loss of my son. Its only been a few months for me, and I still cry almost everyday, but I look forward to the meetings. I can't say its going to be easy, because its just not.

Nov 06, 2013
Hugs to you Adam....
by: Debby

I lost my daughter in a tragic accident 5 months ago and still cry everyday. We too talked every day, and she was the glue for my family, and my best friend. She left behind her 6 yr old daughter, her Vietnam Disabled dad, and her brother that was driving the family is a mess, our glue is gone.....good to cry, it hits you at anytime
I don't have any answers for you other than your son is with you, watching over you, and in a wonderful place, no pain, no worries. I took some of my daughter's ashes out to the WA coast to a favorite beach and sprinkled her. I plan to take her a number of places, she never went anywhere in her 31 years. I also start my day praying to God for strength for my day and blessings for my family that is so torn and I talk to Hannah all the time because she is my angel and wants me to be happy.
It is awkward that people will sometimes avoid you for lack of what to say and we too don't know how to answer...a silent hug is precious.
It still is just yesterday that my heart was broken and it still is; I think time does heal but more important what we do with this time.
Write me anytime....I accidently found this site looking for dog poems; I buried my sister's dog yesterday...I prefer email, don't even know if you will get this;my email is:

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