Age 30 will be the worst year of my life

Weeks before my 30th birthday in April, my girlfriend of 5 years (living together for more than 3) decided to leave me very abruptly. She moved out under the pretense that we would continue to work on things, but it's fairly clear that there was never any intention of doing so. I was blindsided by this and since that time I've seen depths of depression and anxiety that have made me feel worse than I ever thought I would or could. I had caught her planning to meet with another man the night she left; When I confronted her she refused to talk about it but still left and still met up with this other man. She's no longer talking to this man but she then hooked up with another... Then another, who I believe she's still seeing, and know she was seeing as of May 5. After 5 years, she left me out of the blue and has been with 3 guys that I know of in under a month following, and I think is still with the 3rd.

I've never felt such despair and disbelief. She'd been the only constant in my life all this time and I can't believe she cast me aside so quickly, and at least for now my capacity for trust is shot. I am so heartbroken and at times concerned for my ability to function. I try to remember that life goes on but right now I'm so lonely that it's hard to even put into words.

I am thankful for the opportunity to unload here and see that I'm not alone. Trying to keep my chin up and keep going but right now is a very difficult time in my life and it's extremely hard to envision feeling 'Normal' again. :(

Best of luck to all of you.

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Aug 05, 2012
Time will heal
by: Anonymous

I can relate .ex and I split a little over a year ago . a few months ago i seen pics of her . shes lost weight and looks great . I also found out shes dating . it was like going thru a second break up . it hurt . However, I do believe time heals . I will tell you one thing . I'm not gona let this keep me down ! No way !I'm going to have a great life .Im going to work hard and get myself finacial secure and make lots of friends . I'm alot smarter now im staying single for the rest of my life . LOL

Jul 04, 2012
it's not easy
by: Anonymous

I completely know how you feel. My boyfriend of 5 years (lived together for 4)left me heart broken after I had gone on a trip for a couple of months to find myself. We had agreed that we would work on our relationship when I got back, but the moment I left he cut me out of his life and already knew what he would do. I got back and I have felt unable to live my life again. I don't blame him for not wanting to be with me, but I am angry at him for not telling me so and just hiding and prolonging my anxiety and pain. We have to accept that it is no more, accept that what we feel is the grief of losing the good and positive moments. But we also have to know, deep in our hearts, that things will get better and that those wholes will be full again. Be patient, and I know it's not easy. See a counsellor... after many months, it's what I have decided to do and it is helping so much. Best of luck to you... it will get better, your heart will heal and you will find love again.

Jun 29, 2012
I feel your pain
by: Anonymous

I can so relate.... I posted on here a very similar story. A man I loved deeply left me suddenly. We were together 10yrs, a family. He has moved on and now has a new love along with a "new" family. I have felt devestated and it has been 3yrs. I have been depressed, anxious, the whole route. I have felt abandonded, lonely, scared, jealous and angry. I am only finally starting to feel better and I still have some really bad days....I wrote on here just the other day because I felt so awful. But it is slowly improving. It takes alot of time,,,,some longer than others.,, me for example! Some of us have more difficulty coping and moving forward but eventually we do. I think the heartache we feel is a testament to what wonderful and loving people we are. Hang in there, it get's better even if you can't envision it right now. Grief is an excruciating but necessary process and you have experienced a major loss. I hope you find some comfort in knowing that I and many others know how you feel, what you are going thru. You are not alone. It's really, really important to treat yourself well and with compassion, just like you would another human being going thru difficulty. I wish you much peace and love. You deserve it!

Jun 28, 2012
I feel your pain
by: Anonymous

Hi I feel your pain and please believe me I know how you feel. My husband of 21 years announced he is not in love with me anymore a year ago...after leaving then returning threetimes he has left me with nerves so raw and hurt so deep i have at times really felt like ending it all. Anyone who has not experienced the pain cannot truly appreciate how devestating it is and how your ability to deal with the simplest everyday things are almost impossible. I found friends and family very supportive at first but gradually i get the impression they feel i should move on. Don't let anyone tell you this, only you will know when you are ready to do this. I wont say it gets better that would be a lie but you will learn how to deal with the pain. I have a ten year old son and when h has gone to bed I allow myself to cry although i dont in front of him. I'm now at the stage when I want to feel better am tired of the ache that is ever present but i know that grieving is a long process and i must be patient. I wish you the very very best and without sounding patronizing i know in my heart that you will find happiness again. Pls dont blame yourself. She did what she had to do it wasnt your fault . Take care x

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