Alex's fearless life

by Anne Metzger

My oldest and only son Alex, a 22-year old college senior, died three weeks ago in plane crash with three of his friends. They died on take-off in the little plane. The plane crashed at 1:20am and wasn't discovered until 6:30am. The airport cant afford to be manned around the clock.

Alex was home from college and staying with me, his mother, for the summer. He was a handsome and a well liked person. He grew up in our little community and the death of all four young men truly impacted our small city.

Alex was considered by most as the activity director and ring leader for things to do in this small town on any given night. He was creative, brilliant in school and the girls swooned over him.

Alex loved his two younger sisters whom he counseled on a regular basis on dating, the importance of education and be accountable for your behavior. He also treated me with great love and tenderness. I was a single mom raising him alone since the age of 8.

I miss him so much. But his fearless attitude toward life left me with a feeling that he would never reach a ripe old age. It was all good clean fun but dare devil fun. The instacare and emergency room knew us well. Snowboarding, bmx jumping, motorcycles, car accidents, paintball contests and so much more.

I love him so much. It is painful. The night he died, I got to help him double check his hair style to ensure it was perfect, that his outfit was "good" and tell him I loved him. That was a blessing because the other parents hadn't seen their sons that day of the accidents. I got to say goodbye and hug him.

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Jun 23, 2012
Alex's fearless life
by: Doreen England U.K.

Hi Anne,
I am so sorry for your loss of your Son Alex at 22yrs. Oh how my heart aches for you to lose an Adult child. We parents struggle to bring up our children. You seem to have done a great job in bringing up your son all by yourself. He sounds like an exceptional young man taking great care of his 2 sisters. What a great loss to your family. Alex sounds Mature emotionally like a mentor to his sisters and also in the type of sports he enjoyed.
As parents we let our children go and keep them close to our heart but worry endlessly hoping they don't injure themselves whilst enjoying dangerous sports. It is every parents nightmare. I worry about my children all the time and all I can do is to keep them in prayer and ask God to take care of them. We always pray for travelling mercies. Like asking God to bless our every move when we are out and about and to keep us from all harm and danger. You must feel good that at least you got to hug and kiss him goodbye and also to tell him that You Loved Him. This makes such a difference to the grief. It is one thing less to grieve over. Anne I hope you have less painfull days ahead and that you will find a way through your grief and salvage some hope to go on in life for your girls and that you will be well supported as this does help. Best wishes

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