by Roxana
(Bucharest, Romania)

I lost my mother one year ago on 1st of July 2009. She went to the hospital for some usual analysis and made a heart attack. With her, part of my heart my soul have gone. She was my best friend, my dearest mother, the most beautiful and sweet mother in the world. I feel so alone, I have no brother or sisters and I lost my father also 4 years ago. I should want to be with her. We lived together and it's so difficult to come back in an empty house. She loved flowers, especially roses, and made the best cookies. Even one year passed, the pain didn't decreased, it is bigger day by day. I can't think ahead, I don't make plans,the only thing i want is my mother to be with me.


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Sep 22, 2010
My condolences
by: Nimfs

Hi Robin, we both have the same story, my mother just passed away last June 16, 2010. It was also a heart attack that we didn't even know that she was sick. I feel so alone also since I don't have the father anymore. I love my mother so much. Let us both think that someday you may also see your mother like me in eternity. Just continue your life with the help of Almighty God.

Sep 15, 2010
by: Roxi

Hi Robin,
Thanks for your words. All my best regards to you. It is nice to have new friends, even virtual ones, who cares about you and understand you.

Sep 14, 2010
To Roxi
by: Robin

Hi Roxi,

My deepest sympathy to you. I also have lost my mom. I feel so alone without her. No one understands unless they were close to their mom and have lost their mom. May we all continue to have faith in God and know we will be with our loved ones some day.

Sep 05, 2010
by: Anonymous

I extend my heartfelt sympathy to you, dear. I lost my mom July 8th 2009. Every day is painful.
She was a part of me and my life. I am incomplete without her. Then I lost my last surviving brother July 2010. I do cope fairly well at morning. But when it starts to get late and dark in the evenings, I start to cry. The only thing that carries me along, is my faith in God, and knowing my parents and siblings still
live in my heart and I'll have their memories
with me forever. Bless you.

Sep 05, 2010
by: Roxy

Thank you very much for your warm words.
It makes me feeling better and not so alone on this world.
I share with you also your loss.
Have a good day,

Sep 05, 2010
i feel your pain
by: michelle

i lost my mother from cancer when i was 8 years old. i still have my father and a newly horrible stepmum. i feel your pain especially since my birthday is on the 2nd of july. you aren't alone, i am with you so are your friends and other relatives. and don't forget that your parents are looking down on you from heaven. so make the most out of life so that when you join them you will have no regrets.

Sep 04, 2010
Loss of mother
by: Anonymous

I know how you feel. I lost my mom when I was 15 then a baby when I was 21 then my father when I was 26 and now I have lost my 27 year old son. All I can think is that I want to be with him. It has only been 3 months so I know the pain is still fresh but I do not think time will make it better. I still have one child left here on earth and I have a brother and a sister. If not for them I would have gone to be with my son already. I what you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you.

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