Amazing Sara

by Adrienne

June 9, 2013. My gorgeous and talented 24 year old daughter Sara lost her struggle(with what I came to learn just 8 months earlier), with prescription Opiates. Her journey was long, sad and destructive. She always wanted to march to the tune of her own drummer, and never thought that I and the rest of her family understood her, we didn't. I miss her and all the possibilities she could have and should have experienced. The pain and grief cuts so deep and gets overwhelming at times. I have so many regrets. I feel like I let her down in life and she turned to this alternative lifestyle for acceptance and love.

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Mar 20, 2014
My daughter is gone too
by: Elaine

After several stays in rehab she was at home and died maybe 1 hr. after I left. She was 38 yrs. old and an RN in the past. Her journey ended too soon for me. I understand how it feels to not be able to do anything to change what happened. I have my what ifs too. If I would not have left when I did maybe I could have saved her.
I know that God has a plan for us all. I lost my husband years ago at the age of 40. Someone told me, "All our days are numbered", and it was a comfort to know this. Only God know how long we will be here and how we will leave this earth.
Take comfort in the time your spent with your loved one. Cherish the good memories and know they would want you to be happy, not sad. I know you have been through a lot as I have too. It is so painful to watch a loved one destroy their life with drugs.
I have another daughter that is a meth addict and it is so sad to know she is killing herself too. I cannot stop her and she has isolated herself from me. One day I may go through this again. I pray that God will intervene. I have only the two daughters and no more children.
My love and peace go out to you during your difficult journey.

Mar 18, 2014
by: Michelle

I too am sorry for your loss of your daughter. Sara and the journey you will now be taken on ready or not. One day life is perfect as you know it and the next it's a nightmare you cant wake up from. I lost my 22 year old daughter Megan, she was struck by a truck while out on her morning run. Often when she passed my office in the morning she would pop her head in to say hey but that morning she did not. It's been 14 months and now I'm numb, hollow and empty. Hold on tight as your emotions will beat you up. Our children knew we loved them more than life but I think we will always feel we did not say enough. If given a choice and chance,I'd be with my Megan. Hugs

Mar 17, 2014
thank you
by: Adrienne

Thank you for the kind comments and great suggestions. I will definitely take the advise and try to allow the healing process begin. It's helpful to have kind people like you take the time to share your thoughts. I'm sorry for your loss. I wish you peace of heart and mind.

Mar 17, 2014
Your daughter
by: Kate

I'm so sorry you lost your daughter in death. My son died 16 months ago today. How hard a journey it is ! I miss him so much every day. The pain is strongest at the start then as you face it over and over,we get to know it and how we handle it. God has always helped me in life and this is where I had to beg for help,to continue on for the rest of my family. My heart goes out to you. Take one day at a time and know we are not perfect parents and always wish we had done something different to somehow help when we loose our child. You are not alone.

Mar 17, 2014
by: Anonymous

I lost my 31 year old son to opiate addiction. He died from an accidental heroin od. We tried as a family to save him. I would have done anything, and I know he did not want to die from this disease. We need better treatment for these poor souls who get caught up in addiction. We can not save them alone. This country needs to address this issue, and find funds and solutions to help them. The Rehabs are not working, we need more. Its so sad we had to lose our children.

Mar 17, 2014
Loving our children
by: Anonymous - Joe's mom

I am sorry for your loss...I lost my Joe in July, he had been working on addiction recovery, but kept his secrets. I saw his pain and the grief, regrets and pain for us (his family) is still hard to cope with. We can accept that we are not perfect but I wish you peace with learning to live without your daughter. Looking back with regrets only gives more strength to the pain and usually, we cannot influence the choices once our loved one starts on that path(opiate addiction), we are passengers and only a few get to the rest of their life. We are here for you, to share your feelings and offer ideas that we have found helpful. Please, take what you can use, let the rest drop as no person can know exactly what you feel but you. It seems to help to express things sometimes for me, and sometimes, knowing the people on this site have that awful history shared (loss of a child), I find things that get me to the next day. I find it ironic when I was trying to help my son while he was struggling, my advice to him gets me through as well...just think about getting past this day, tomorrow is a new one and you never know what it brings. There are days where the pain of missing my baby (33 year old but still my baby boy) gets me down, but now, I can also remember some of the joy we had too. Look for the happy memories and treat yourself well, that is what I am trying to do and for now, it is working way better than dwelling on what I can/could not change. Hugs to you.

Mar 16, 2014
Amazing Sara
by: Doreen UK

Adrienne I am so sorry for your loss of your beloved daughter Sara. A mother will mourn this loss for the rest of her life. WE go on each day and worry about our children/adult children growing up in a harsh world full of difficulties in a drug culture that is claiming many lives far too soon.
My nephew was put on prescription medication for depression that had side effects of suicidal tendencies and 9yrs. ago he threw himself in front of an express train. Guilt cripples one forever. I lost my husband of 44yrs. 22 months to a deadly cancer. I thought that I was recovering only to slip back downhill with many memories coming back which just makes me miss him more and I want him to come home. This is a grief FOREVER even if we recover from the RAW GRIEF. WE will never recover from the loss. I never had any regrets because I knew I did my best and gave my husband the best care for his life during the 3yrs.39days cancer journey. BUT. it is all the other regrets of going through life that assaults us. You know what. DON'T LET THOSE REGRETS RUIN YOUR LIFE. Every time a negative thought comes in change this to a positive one. We live in a fallen world and we will be assaulted by our thoughts. But being a Christian I learned that GOD FORGIVES and the hardest person to forgive is ourselves. Someone from our past will always remind us of our failures. But this is the human condition. God holds nothing against us. Neither should we. Keep a journal and write out all the good things you did and all the happy memories and read them often. This will change your perspective and build you up. This is what we have to do for ourselves when we have no one to do this. BUILD OURSELVES UP. By doing good things for ourselves each day which is the best foundation to healing from grief.

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