Amelia Kitty Catheart (Millie)

by Susan

I saved this two week old tiger kitten from death after she was taken from her mother an thrown in a barn to fend for herself. I rushed her to the vet, they were not sure if she would live and I could not decide if I wanted a second cat. I went to visit her the next day and they brought her in and put her on the exam table. I bent over to talk to her and she began to purr and stood up and rubbed her whiskers on the brim of my baseball cap. It was a true connection from that day on.

For eleven years despite being in a safe home, she was afraid of anything and everything and often hid. My other male cat was sometimes a bully but she always lay by him at night and he would groom her. She would only let me really pet her on my bed at night where she would purr so loud like a motor boat.

She began several months ago to urinate and poop all around the house, I spent hundreds of dollars trying to remedy but to no avail and I had to put her down this week at 11.

May heart is so broken and my other cat just sits and looks for her.

I didn't feel this intense grief even when my father died. while I had her I had many dreams where I was trying to find her and protect her. I know time heals but right now it is my goal to get through the moment. My cats were such a comfort when I went through breast cancer 3 years ago.

My remaining cat is 15 and I am sure living his final years/months/days? Thank you Millie for your love and your fighting spirit and quirky habits...I miss you!

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Feb 14, 2013
Beautiful Millie
by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry for your loss. Sometimes it helps to share your sorrow with others who have been through the same. My beautiful Chrissy has been gone for two months now, and I'm still feeling intense pain in my heart at her loss. We will never forget them, they will remain in our hearts forever. I know they'll be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for us. RIP beautiful Millie!

Feb 11, 2013
My Sympathies to you
by: Anonymous

Dear Susan,
My deep sympathies are with you who has just lost a very lovable fur baby . You are truly an angel who took good care and provided loads of affection to a neglected kitten. God bless you. People like you are rare to find. This world becomes a better place to live for such unwanted kitties because of the mercy shown by kindhearted people like you. It was nice to read that Amelia understood every feeling of yours and comforted you in sickness.Such behavior is exhibited only by our pets unlike humans who are yet to realize the true meaning of love ,caring , understanding etc etc. Amelia is the rainbow bridge now playing with my Kitty- Poochie .Later on if possible provide shelter and love to a neglected kitty and you may find comfort in it as Amelia will be happy in heaven knowing her mom has once again provided home to a neglected one.May Amelia RIP. Take care

Feb 11, 2013
Amelia Kitty Catheart (Millie)
by: Doreen U.K.

Susan I am sorry for your loss of your beloved cat Millie. What a compassionate person you are to rescue a cat and love her till she died. You are a real angel of mercy and should do this again. This may be your calling in life to foster a cat which means you don't get too attached to it knowing you would have to part with him/her one day. She brought love and joy into your life as you did for her.
Often the love and bond with a pet can outweigh the love of even family or friends. The love of a pet is just a whole different experience that is not easy to explain. Easier to feel than to tell. Your cat you say was there for you when you had breast cancer. This is what probably helped you recover. Do this again. and you will stay in remission. I wish you the best of health and happiness in life.

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