and he got married to my cousin

by mahrukh

the story which I am going to tell is based on pure and pious love.i loved my cousin from my childhood.i was just crazy in his love and I still our society girls and boys keep a distance .we don't talk unless it is I never told him that I love him from the depth of my heart.and this love is from my heart.whenever I saw him I just missed a beat but I kept silent.he never noticed anything because I never spoke to him other than asking about health and studies.i prayed that allah give him to me.but my prayers were not answered at all.the most painful day of my life was his marriage sister got married to his elder brother a day before his I also had to attend his whole body was shaking and I had very high fever.i don't know how I held myself.i went to stage and congratz him.he was happy .today I am engaged in studies but he is always somewhere in my heart.sometimes I feel that what a great love .he don't even know that I love him.but I cant say that I have heared that his wife teases him a lot and they are not doing well.upon hearing this I feel so sad.the man for whom I prayed is now married to a woman who doesnot care about I only pray for him that he may live a happy life and all his disputes settle with his wife.he is now not in my reach .now he belongs to his wife .and once I prayed for him to be mine but I quit it now.the only thing which I have is his love in my heart for him of which he is unaware.

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Nov 30, 2013
and he got married to my cousin
by: Doreen UK

Mahrukh It is such a beautiful experience to love someone so much the way you did that it HURTS so much when you cannot have this person in your life the way you wanted. Worse so when the person is promised to another and it doesn't go well. I had this type of love and married the first man I ever knew and we were married for 44yrs. I lost him 18 months ago to cancer. He was the precious love of my life and I will not give my heart to anyone else. I know what it feels like to love one so much and to lose them even if it is in a different way to you.
You can love your cousin from a distance and wish good for him throughout his life. But don't be so preoccupied with your cousin that you become blind to love in your own life. It is possible for you to have your own experience of being married and finding this fulfilment with someone else. You just need to FOCUS your mind on what is the right thing to do. Doing the right thing for the right reasons is always best.

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