And then I didn't have her any more!!!!!

by Doug
(Middleburg, VA)

RIP Tess

RIP Tess

We adopted Tess. She was a Black Lab, Border Collie, German Shepard mix just under one year old. Incredible as it seems to me, she was brought back TWICE by owners who decided Tess did not fit in with their family.
She took to us immediately, and showed us tremendous love, sensitivity, loyalty, extreme intelligence,and quickly became an indispensable part of our family. No day went by that love was not showered on her,and returned in spades by her.
I can happily say that we had the honor and blessing of her in our lives for eight precious years.
Then one night Tess went out after dinner, and she did not come home that evening. That had never happened before, and we intuitively knew something had happened to her. After a sleepless night, I went out at daybreak to search for her. I found her in a neighbor's yard dead. She had been shot by the homeowner for no apparent reason. Tess loved all animals, children, and people, and was shot simply for being in someone's yard. I called the police and they responded immediately and conducted a very thorough, compassionate investigation. Charges are pending on the person who shot her, and we will get our day in court with him. The loss is very recent, and I an numb with shock and disbelief and grief. My heart aches so badly I can hardly stand it. Close friends are allowing us to vent and tell our story. I don't know what else to do. I found this site in an attempt to get some guidance on how to deal with my loss. Just writing this helps me get some of the poison out of my mind. The amount of hate and rage at the person who did this to an innocent creature scares me. It is a poison that is very harmful to me, and I need to rid myself of it or I will go mad.

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Nov 09, 2013
What is it about those dogs
by: Anonymous

Yesterday my boy Copper went away. He and his sister are German Shepard/Border Collie. I got to spend 12 awe inspiring years with my boy and I feel like I have hole in me you can see clear through.

I am so sorry for your loss. I like your picture, and yup, he looks the part of a fantastic kid. Take care of business and know you are not alone.\


Nov 04, 2013
Beautiful Tess
by: Diane

I'm so glad you had that animal abuser arrested,I know it does nothing for your heartache but it will give some satisfaction that maybe he won't do it again. I never found out who killed my Chrissy, but in the long run I guess it doesn't matter, it won't bring her back. I go over that day again and again, please keep yourself busy to keep your mind off of that terrible sight.We mourn them so badly because we loved them so much. I cry as I write this because I know that another person is going through such a terrible time.You gave her love in her life, bless you for that, and for caring and loving so much. Take comfort in knowing that she knew she was loved,and she would never want you to remember her with such sadness.She will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge. RIP beautiful Tess.

Nov 02, 2013
And then I didn't have her any more!!!!!
by: Doreen UK

Doug I am so sorry for your loss of Tess and what this has done to your life.
This is such a tragedy and unnecessary life lost by the carelessness and sheer stupidity of someone who should have not been so rash. My heart breaks for you and for Tess. If you keep a journal and write out all your hurt and angry feelings this will help to get your rage out of your system. This man caused your rage and often we feel scared by our feelings which someone else caused. If this doesn't help then go and see a grief counsellor and you will have the space to get your rage out of your system and receive the support you need. This loss is so very cruel and I can understand the pain you feel. Loving a pet is such a deep and loving experience that the pain is often worse than losing a person. Dogs and pets in general are so loving and giving and just SPECIAL. Take one day at a time and don't look too far ahead. Crying is the best form of grief and giving expression to these emotions will help you Heal from your loss. It will take time for you to recover from your grief. But it is Hell when you are going through it. I feel your pain and your loss and May God comfort you in your sorrow and loss and give you Peace in the days ahead.

Nov 02, 2013
don't have her any more
by: Doug

Doug, I am so sorry you lost your beloved dog Tess in such a tragic way. We don't have any dogs right now, only cats, but we love them and they are our kids, so to speak. I know the anger and hate that you feel because someone shot one of our cats in the face with a bb gun, injuring her severly. She lost one eye and her jaw was broken making it extremely difficult to eat. We took care of her as best we could for about a year but a few months ago we had to have her put to sleep. I liked my neighbors before this incident and although we don't know who did it i don't feel the same now towards them. I figure it was a kid or young person and so i stopped giving out candy at Halloween in case they came to our house. But i enjoyed the holiday before and now i know i'm just feeding my resentment. I guess what i'm trying to say is you have a right to be angry but don't let it make you bitter and unhappy for too long. I hope the courts find in your favor though. Animal abuse is a crime and i would like to see all abusers punished. Good luck and i hope in time your grief for Tess will turn to good memories of her. Nadine

Nov 01, 2013
Update on Tess' kiling
by: Anonymous

An update on the killing of Tess:

The Sheriff's dept has arrested the person who shot and killed Tess, and charged him with first degree animal cruelty among other weapons charges. It won't bring Tess back, but this guy will have to answer for his cruel deeds. Have faith in the system, and don't give up - let's make any animal abuser bear the full weight of his onerous deeds.

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