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What could be more comforting to a grieving soul than wrapping up in a soft, cuddly Angel Blanket?

We have found this wonderful organization which sends specially made comforting blankets to those in need. Their mission:

Angel Blanket Ministries is a non profit organization dedicated to sharing the love of God and encouraging those who are facing difficult challenges. We take your requests, pray over them and send an Angel Blanket to those in need. We are able to do this thanks to our many donors and guests who purchase blankets as gifts.

We encourage you to visit the website below, to access these wonderful Angel Blankets. Please, if you can possibly afford it, buy a blanket from them, rather than requesting one for free. Your purchase allows two other hurting souls to receive blankets free of charge.


Sympathy Throws

Sympathy throws are simply woven or fleece snuggling blankets with a photo woven onto it. Usually given as sympathy gifts, there is no reason why you can't create your own memory blanket to wrap yourself in whenever you want or need to. 

We offer here a couple of these interesting and comforting throws...

             fleece photo blanket

 Photo Fleece Blanket 40"x30"



In Loving Memory Photo Throw


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             "I don't have to hear or see,
                    I've got all the proof I need,
                    There are more than angels watching over me
                    I believe, I believe."
                                ~Ewing & Kees, 2002

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