Angels and Metatrons have faith

by Angels Laird

Guys, I have been where you have been, the fxxxing pits.
I lost 3 stone, got ill and grieved in my typically emotional way, the injustice of the deceit weighing heavily on my heart and soul.
Why me, what went wrong, when did it go wrong, what more could I have done?
How do I deal with the lonliness? What about my children losing their family unit ?
Help, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx was muttered regularly for a long time.
But I worked it out. I had low self esteem. From childhood. I loved too much, to freely. I sacrificed myself and my freedom and my spirit - to gain an extra bit of love from a sociopath. The precise reason we were together was because he recognised my great capacity for love and recognised a good opportunity to take advantage as a result. Work it out guys for yourselves ! And live with dignity and grace. Ie take it on the chin and take responsibility and have respect for YOUR hapiness. YOUR life. Own it. Don't give it away, like you gave your heart and soul. The best revenge and antidote to a broken soul is SUCCESS. Success in emotional maturity is a lesson well worth learning instead of adding and keeping the fire of pain going with wrongs of the past. Remember your best self, when you were happiest and most confident and use that thought to motivate yourself to get back to that point. One hour at a time, on day at a time. Have some self respect and make like a hero, not the pathetic, over emotional clingy needy person YOU turned yourself into as a result of your partners emotional abuse. Its not what happens to you, its how you REACT to it. So react like a winner, not a loser. The angels help those, who want to help themselves. Don't continue to be the person who was rightly used and treated with contempt. Pull yourself together, grow up and use your knowledge to help yourselves first then others....don't you prefer me now...rather than the snivelling, frightened, pathetic woman that allowed my husband to pull my wings off ? You are lucky to have been taught such a great lesson, most people don't have the capacity for great love. You are all destined for great things and will use this heartbreak to heal. Your nemesis will regret ever trying to pull the wings off an there is no greater evil than Gods vengance...and no greater revenge than success. Being emotionally stable and not reliant on others to make you feel love...that's real success and will give you the gifts of freedom and the true respect of your loved ones. Trust me. Trust the Angels.And don't waste your precious life, it makes the angels sad and you can't help anyone when you're wallowing in self pity. As Ms Hepburn once said 'One day you realise that you are given two arms for a reason. One to help yourself and one to help others'. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. You did this by accepting the sh*tty behaviour. So learn what real love is for godsake, or you're as bad as the dark souls who stole from you. Don't help or speak ever again to the one who took advantage of your pure heart. They are the dark side. Live in light, not darkeness. If you respect yourself and your innate power, the darkness can never get you again.The love i get now, from the courage I'm told I have, far outweighs the love that was given when I was a snivelling wreck. Rise, rise and rise again, until lambs become lionsxxx love and lite to you all AA xxx

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