Angus was an amazing Westie! 12 years old when he died, he had always loved to delight visitors with his ability to control both his "little ball" and his pride and joy - his football!He was adept at controlling his "little ball" with his nose, and a real star when scoring "goals" through a doorway! He would do a two fold yelp each time he pushed the "little ball" with his nose, or knocked the football unto the goal!! These balls were his special “friends” and to be brought out to amaze visitors whenever possible! He adored his holidays, and would always bark with utter delight when his Mum & Dad were preparing for yet another amazing trip away! Dad was always “urge” him to hurry up Mum, and he found it is duty to “round her up” and make sure he was going to be with them on this trip As the years passed, everyone felt this feeling of euphoria would continue for ever, and those magical, amazing seaside days with Angus would never cease! Angus was the "darling of the family" and a familiar face in the photos on his Mums'Facebook page, much to the delight of the “friends” who would show their appreciation for the Angus antics with a LIKE or thumbs up!Even though there had always been other cats and dogs in the family, Angus had always been a "special" little boy - playing to anyone who visited – (his own audience) in any way he could to please and amuse with his tricks.As a precaution, Angus’s Mum & Dad felt it was "to be on the safe side" that he should visit the local vets, when a small lump on his shoulders was found. There was so much to look forward to - Mum's Birthday was days away, and there was the Llandudno new year break to enjoy - booked specially as a treat, as he had enjoyed it so much there in the Summertime....Test results showed that Angus had Lymphoma, and there was no going back, if chemotherapy could delay things, there may be a possible twelve months to live....Angus began his chemotherapy on a Friday, and by the following Friday. With two sessions under his belt, the unplanned "holiday" to Devon was made. It was to have been amazing, and just the” tonic” he needed whilst going through a difficult time With daybreak a call was made to the vets at home for advice, and they urged finding local vets.Angus's last trip in the car was with Mum, Dad was driving through the streets of Brixham,to the vets.Mum tried to sooth Angus by saying "You are safe" and "nearly there"...his eyes had stared up at his Mum to "ask" "what’s happened Mum?? and "please help...." but he did not hear her reply....Angus died of Lymphoma within a fortnight of being diagnosed with the cancer,at just over twelve years old.It was all so fast, not time to think of much..He was a greatly loved little fella, and will never be forgotten by the “Mum and Dad” who had cared for him from a puppy.The loss is so much and so bewildering but the memories are fantastic…Thank you so much dearest Angus for all the fun, joy and happiness,we really miss you xxxx<

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