Hi, I lost my dad when I was 5 months old and I am now 17. I don't really like to talk to people about it because I think they are so happy and won't want to hear it. I don't really have that many memories as I was only a baby when I lost him. I always think what if and every special occasion that there is i think would he be proud of me, what if he was here etc. I sometimes get jealous of what people have and the majority of my friends are always commenting and saying what a good weekend they had with their mom and dad. I know this May sound nasty but sometimes I just have to switch off. Also I get really frustrated and angry when I either hear or see comments such as I hate my parents because I think if only they knew the pain and heartache it is loosing a parent. I know that there are any people out there that have lost a parent or in some cases both parents at a young age. I had my prom last year and all I could think about was my dad and wished that he was there with me. I also think about when I get married who will give me away and he should be here to watch me and my sister grow up. Growing up has been difficult without both parents but i know that there are other people who have to do the same. I also have heartache because as I was born at the start of the year I didn't get to spend a birthday of mine with him, didn't get to give him a card for his birthday, didn't spend Christmas with him it new year either.

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