Another day without my mom.

by Martha

I used this title because it is the first thing I think
of when I wake up in the morning-and I dread it.
My mom was a teacher, highly intelligent and was able to discipline us with love. She worked until 2011 and once she stopped working she began to feel ill, I don't
know if that had anything to do with her illness and I
wonder if anyone else experienced this with their mom.

She was going to physical therapy for a fall she had at
home and she fell on a wheel chair that was on the floor
and broke her hip. That was when everything started
to happen, she almost didn't make it through the operation she was 80 and it took a toll on her, she
developed a blood clot her diabetes got worse and she passed august 2, 2013 of cardiac arrest.

That news she is gone will stick with me forever
part of me is also gone.

It feels so good to be able to express this since
everyone has continued with their lives and I am still
grieving my mother. I just feel this emptiness all over
and wish I can see her again. I am taking baby steps
and setting goals everyday to gain some type of normal

I hear her telling me, I am ok remember me when I was
healthy and we will be together again. I miss her.
I hope this helps someone out there that's going
through this unbelievable and painful experience.

WITH love

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Sep 30, 2013
True words
by: Anonymous

Dear Martha,
I'm so sorry for you loss... I have the exact same words "Another day without my mom" that I think every morning when I wake up. My mom and I used to Skype or talk most mornings and so mornings seem extra tough to cope with.

Sep 29, 2013
Another Day
by: Martha

Dear Anonymous and Doreen,

Thank You for your kind words. It certainly has
become a place of comfort and I look forward
everyday to this time when I can be in communication with people that are going through
the same heartache. I am with you in spirit
and we will make it. God Bless,


Sep 29, 2013
Me too
by: Anonymous

Dear Martha,

I am so sorry for your loss. I know exactly how you feel since I lost my Dad in January. Everyday I think the same thing-it's another day without him. We will all be together again, when it is time and our loved ones will be waiting. I hope you find comfort here-everybody can relate in their own way and it is a wonderful place for support. Barb

Sep 27, 2013
Another day without my mom.
by: Doreen UK

Martha I am sorry for your loss of your mother. Your mother didn't deteriorate because she left working. She was of an age where the body naturally deteriorates due to age and one ends up with a catalogue of ailments that seems to increase over time. This is why retirement from work exists because the body automatically slows down from working life. Even though a woman is still working because she still has to cook and clean a home and this can also be difficult to do when one becomes older.
At 65yrs. of age I find myself having more health issues than I can keep up with. It does affect the quality of life and one is more prepared for life to end. Almost as making the most of precious days that could be cut short at any moment. Of course we all want our mother's to be alive and with us FOREVER. I have to prepare myself for what my family will experience when I leave this world. It is a life cycle that just goes on in much the same way. Having to keep adjusting to the changes taking place in life. If you are struggling with your loss you could see a grief counsellor for a few sessions to help you move forward. Believe me it does work if you get the right counsellor. You will be surprised at how quickly you can move forward. But the secret is TAKING ONE DAY AT A TIME.

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