anxioty so close to you grandpa

by anonomoyous

I was at my house and I got a call my mom said it was her sister my aunt so I said what's wrong and my mom replied your grandpa has cancer and we need to buy him some things so we went shopping well we lived in CA but my grandpa lives in Utah so we drove. well when we go to Utah we usually sleep at my grandma and grandpas house but since my grandpa was at the house we went to my aunts my mom thought that my grandpa would not die since skin cancer was not supposed to kill him but the next morning he was dead my mom said I shouldn't come and see my grandpa dead because I was so attached to him I loved him but I went to the house and hid behind my aunt because I couldn't look at him but when I did I saw him stare at the ceiling with his mouth opened I have not cried that much in my whole life I just need some advice I can't get over it THANKYOU

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Jun 21, 2014
Lost my grandma and grandpa
by: Erin

Hi my name is erin marie Elizabeth Reilly I lost my grandpa when I was 12 I just recently lost my grandma

May 29, 2014
try and focus on memories of happy times
by: Heidi

Talk to your Mom about how you’re feeling. Talk to her about things that you and your Grandpa used to do and talk about. Look at pictures and reminisce. Crying is healthy for the soul and helps prepare you for living without your loved one. They also say it’s the body’s way to help you physically feel better; it’s like a release.

That image of your Grandpa will be with you for a long time. But as time goes on you will begin to be stronger in handling that lasting image. After my husband died, that image of his last breaths stayed so strong in my mind that it blocked out all the 15 years we were together. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to remember any other time except how he suffered while he was in the hospital. It’s now almost eight months since he passed away – and honestly for me losing my soul mate is the most painful loss I’ve ever had to or ever will experience. But the last couple months I’ve been able to remember more of our times together; of happy times. I surround myself with his pictures so that I don’t keep focusing on his last days. But for me I never want to forget his last breath because he is the one that had to go through dieing.

I believe in God and so did my Mickey. I know that someday we will be together again in Heaven. Until that time comes, I try to take care of our pets the best I can. Mickey was the fun one who always played with them and I know they miss him too. Seeing someone you love so much after they have passed is shocking but you will get stronger and you will be able to handle it better. Just keep trying to remember the goods times with your Grandpa and those happy memories will comfort you.

May 28, 2014
anxiety so close to you grandpa
by: Doreen UK

You looked at your grandpa despite your mom trying to protect you. What you saw has startled you. Not everyone dies like this. Someone usually closes the mouth and the eyes out of respect. This is the memory that will hurt you the most. That last memory of him. Some people would rather have their last best memory of their loved one. Some don't mind and are not phased by what they see. But for me I still have the awful memories of my mother 11yrs. ago in her coffin. I recently have memories of my husband lying in his coffin 2yrs. ago. These are some of the many memories I have. All mixed up. some early in life and some of the last memories.
Memories intrude into our mind and we don't make ourselves think of what we want to. Memories pop into our head at any time. Some can be triggered off by a thought, a type of food the person loved. Some place you visited with your grandpa. I don't know when this last memory will go. You may want to see a grief counsellor to help you use skills to develop new memories and change the ones you don't feel comfortable with by changing your perspective. Anything is worth thinking about that will help your grief. You can also keep a journal and write out your feelings so they come out of your system. You can create letters to your grandpa and talk in your journal of anything you want to tell him. You will one day look back and see how far forward you have moved and be able to re-claim your life back. It will take time to Heal from your loss of your grandpa. Best to be patient with all the changes taking place in your life just now. You sound so young and may be a little confused about what you expected to see when your grandpa died. You can also talk things over with your mom and aunt and let them know how you feel.

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