Apsara, the Angel Kitten

by Joyce Simmons
(Weatherford, Texas, USA)

On July 17, I realized my barn kitty had had her litter of kittens. She was in the very back of the barn with them so I had no idea how many she had or what they looked like. She was friendly to me, but there was no way I was going to see those kittens behind the huge round bales of hay stacked 3 high.
Three weeks later, I was in the barn with my grandchildren when we heard a kitten screaming at the top of it's lungs. We were able to get it out and discovered a little female colored like a blue point Siamese. I showed her to her mother and left them alone. The next morning, I heard her again and checked on her and the mother had just left her out in the big barn all by herself. I gathered her up, took her to the house and warmed her up. Later I grabbed mama kitty and brought her into my house to nurse the baby. She let her nurse briefly, then refused to let her nurse. Off to Walmart I went to get a bottle and kitten milk. The little thing immediately took to that bottle and from then on she would start to purr when she saw it. I named her Apsara, which is Thai for angel because her little bones in her back felt like angel wings. Her nickname was Appie and we called her Happy Appie because she had such a wonderful personality. For the next 3 months, we bonded over that bottle. She would let me hold her anytime, anyway. She slept right next to me every night and sat with me while I did crochet or watched TV. I was with her constantly.
Things went well for her first 3 months. She did not grow much-she was about half the size she should have been, but she was huge in personality. One of her favorite things was playing in a tissue box. Then, on October 27, 2012, I took her and her 3 siblings to a low cost vaccination clinic. They got their shots, including the leukemia. A few days later, she began to vomit and have diarrhea. I took her to my regular vet, we started her on antibiotics, but the next day she was worse. I called the vet and she said she needed to be hospitalized so back we went. She was down to 1.75 lbs. from the 2 lbs. she normally weighed and looked really sick. Three days later, I was able to bring her home and she rallied like a trooper.
Two weeks later, her symptoms returned. It was Thanksgiving so I did not take her to the vet until Saturday. That will be my regret for the rest of my life. We put her back on the meds, but she was still having problems so I took her back 2 days later(it was the weekend). They gave her a special shot, special worm medication and the same meds. She seemed to be getting better, eating and drinking, but during the night she had some kind of downward spiral. She woke me with her claws in my chin and then she went completely limp. I could not believe it because during the night I had woken briefly and rubbed her as usual and I went back to sleep to her little purr. I got up with her, wrapped her in her pink blanket and held and stroked her until she took her last little breath. I am devastated at her loss. She was my focus for 4 months and I completely and utterly adored her. She was the sweetest little lap kitty I have ever had, and I have had plenty. I don't know how long it will take me to get past this place of pain I am in.

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Jan 23, 2013
Beautiful Apsara
by: Diane

Please accept my condolences on your loss. Nothing will help with the pain except time. You truly did all you could, I'm so glad she had you with her when she died, she loved you very much. She'll meet you at the Rainbow Bridge!

Dec 29, 2012
Apsara, the Angel Kitten
by: Anonymous

So sorry for your loss of little Appie. Maybe you are feeling her loss so intensely due to the bond you felt of truly "mothering" her. We'll never understand why things happened the way they did, but she was very lucky you found her and gave her the best care possible, although the time was short. She really was an Angel. May you find some comfort in her memory with time. I know it's hard. I've gone through losing pets several times over the years ... but it doesn't stop me from reaching out again, actually sooner. Animals give that unconditional love, and are always there to listen. Some folks don't feel that connection & don't understand. But the rest of us do. Peace to you.

Dec 01, 2012
Apsara, the Angel Kitten
by: Doreen U.K.

Joyce I am sorry for your loss of your little kitty. You gave her a good home and proper care and you can be proud of this. she is not suffering anymore, but sad that she did not get the chance to have a proper life.
I hope this death of your little kitty won't put you off having another pet to lavish with love and care.
I hope you will one day go on to have another kitty that will you will be proud of and which will live longer and give you more joy and happiness. Whatever you do hold any future pet loosely. That way you are allowing them to be released back to the earth, as we all will one day be.

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