by silver laduke

GOD are you there?
Are you listening?
I'm so scared.
I need your help.

I'm so sad and weary.
My life is upside down.
I try to do things clearly,
But my mind won't rest.

I miss my loved ones
That have gone on
ahead of me,
To meet you in Heaven.

I try to be strong
like you want me to be.
I try to be happy
like you tell me.

I cry some most days.
I say my prayers
Like always
Each and every night.

I know that all I do
And all that comes,
Is for my good.
And is in your plan.

I know you love me,
As I love you.
I know you'll always
Be forever true.

I struggle each day
To give all up to you.
Help me LORD
Hold me true.

Without your support.
Without your love.
I would be lost.
I couldn't move on.

Thanks for listening.
Thanks for support.
Thanks for love,
As I move on.

WRITTEN BY: Silver LaDuke
DATE:May 17,2013
NOTE: I wrote this as the 2nd anniversary
of my husband Jack's death and
what would have been our 35th
anniversary will be here in a few
days.I miss him so much.


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Jun 14, 2013
to Steven,Doreen,and others
by: silver

First,thank you Steven for your sweet comment and the same goes to you.I keep you in my prayers.
To those who are reaching the 1st anniversary of death of their love,I am with you in spirit.I will say prayers for you all.I remember the when my 1st anniversary came.It was a shocker to me.I couldn't believe it had been a yr.How did I make it that long without him? It was really true! It had really happened!It wasn't a bad dream! All of us reach the peak of severe grief at different times.My 1st yr I was depressed a lot but the hard grief hit me on that anniversary and for the next 8 months to peak in August(15 month mark).That's when it hit me that he really wasn't coming back.I would never see him again in this life.What holds me together is that I will see him again one day,hold him,and tell him I love him once again.I don't know what GOD has planned for me.I don't know if there will be another someone to love again,but I do know there will never be another love like his.I do know this though:It is beginning to get easier.I still cry if I talk for long about him.I do know that it was better for him to go.He is no longer in pain or having trouble breathing.I no longer have to be scared that I will wake up and find him no longer breathing.I believe he is happy and whole again and looks down at his family and smiles.I believe he waits for me.I believe he only knows joy and peace now.That is what holds me.GOD bless you and others who are dealing with this blow to our lives.May HE send you peace and strength.

Jun 12, 2013
Thank You
by: Steven

Thank you for your heart felt words Silver.

I have my first anniversary coming up in a few days time. I can remember almost every minute of every day of that fateful week 12 months ago. But for me, almost everything since then is just a blur. It's so hard to believe how fast time moves by, even if some days just seem to drag on forever. It is such a difficult path to walk when so much of our life is shrouded in darkness. To move forward when everything we long for is in the past. I bid you love and best wishes on your journey and hope with time, that each step gets a little easier.

May 28, 2013
are you listening
by: silver

Dearest Doreen:How to say how much you mean to me.I don't know how to explain how I feel about your poem so I'm just going to say it frankly:I cried all the way through the reading of it.It hit my heart and made it sing.I felt GOD's presence.I hope you posted it.It really spoke to me.I know GOD gave you the right words to help me.I am going to copy this poem and read it again when I begin to fall down again.I love you and your work here.You are definitely an angel sent by GOD to give words to us who need more strength and some peace.I love you.GOD bless you always.I keep you in my prayers.

May 28, 2013
by: Anonymous

Thank You for posting. Very heartfelt poem.

May 28, 2013
Letter from God to Silver "Are you Listening"
by: Doreen U.K.

Silver what a lovely writing. If God were to reply He would probably say:

YES! My child I hear you when you call.
I know you are scared.
Have no Fear. Give your fears to Me!
My Comfort is always here for You!

I gave you Life. Death was never in my Plan.
I am coming back one day to destroy death forever
So no one can ever be hurt by death again.
Or ever feels its deep sorrow.

When you weep. I weep with You.
Your loved one's are safe with me so don't worry.
Don't try to be strong, because this is my job.
In your weakness you will find My Strength
and your Happiness will be there also.

I catch your Tears! They are in my Bottle.
I am weaving a fine Tapestry of your life
All your losses and trials are those knots on the
Turn it over. And it is Perfect.
This is what you will be when you come to ME!

Don't ever feel lost. I will always Find You!
I will always be Here to listen to you and Love and Care.
I hold you in the palm of my hands, as all those you have lost and come on ahead to be with Me.
I will walk with you each day.
Don't ever stop talking to me. I love to hear your voice.

Be at Peace my Child! I Love You! and I always will.

To Silver as she goes through the anniversary of her deepest loss of her beloved husband.

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