My wife of 25 years was not close to her family and for some reason could not get close to mine. She met a half sister 2 years ago and I encouraged her and our daughter to go visit. What looked like my wife came back from that trip but after 2 years of careful planning she left this last summer while I was away hunting. She left the daughter, dog, beautiful house and good job and for something down there. She gets alimony until I retire and part of my pension afterwards and half of our investments. Some evil entity took over. Our marriage was not perfect but we still talked our daily talks and went out to eat and to the movies. Sex was out though - she said she just didn't feel like it and it must be menopause. I should have saw the signs and done more but all I have read says it would not have helped. She wanted out and left now I have to have dignity and pride and take care of what is here. The pension part was calculating and evil I have to work years longer than planned but should be thankful I can I guess. She got me good in the end and I blame myself a lot for letting her go to goes on right?

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Jan 05, 2014
by: Doreen UK

Don't beat yourself up for the decision you made to let your wife go to Arkansas. You did it for the right reasons. We often make decisions and never know if they are the right one's or will end up hurting us more. I usually turn to the Lord to help me make my decisions when I don't know any better, because some decisions are tough. What your wife did to you and both your daughter was cruel. At least she didn't take the house. Protect this. I don't understand the alimony bit or the pension part because I live in the UK and it is different here. What goes around comes around and your wife will get hers. This is not meant as revenge but justice.
I lost my husband of 44yrs. to lung cancer 20 months ago. He worked 6 days a week and sometimes 7 for over 47yrs. and when due to retire he gets this terminal cancer from working with asbestos in the workplace and he died 20 months ago. Years ago the wife would get her husband's pension. But now the government here in the UK take half of it back. They add it to mine and then half it so I lose over $200 a month and this is hard. I live on a tight budget now. Life can be very cruel, and much to be angry about by injustice. Do all you can to preserve the house perhaps by putting in your Will as inheritance for your daughter and also make sure your wife can't come back and seize this. Because her in the UK a wife did come back into the marital home and change the locks and took over everything. My heart goes out to you. You have lost so much. But you can pick up the pieces of your life and be happy again. You just have to make yourself and your daughter a priority that you will survive and come out stronger and better and even wiser from what happened. Just don't trust your wife if she ever came back with some sob story, because she didn't find what she wanted. Because I know men are big softies. I would hate to see you hurt all over again. I wish you New Beginnings in this New Year and hope that life gets better and happier for you and your daughter and the dog, and gives you some sunshine in your life.

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