Ashley 1984-2011

by Becky
(Indiana )

My daughter was only 27when she passed away. I miss her so much. The grief is unbearable. She will forever be with me in my heart.

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Feb 22, 2012
Gregory 1987-2011
by: Anonymous

My first post also,
I lost my son on 7/27/11 in a motorcycle accident. I went to the crash site for the 1st time Sunday to see the cross his friends put there. They made it like the tattoo on his back. This was the only way he could be identified after being struck by traffic going 60-70mph. He was loved by so many, young and old. It is overwhelming the amount of people whose hearts he touched.
Everyone here is suffering a loss that no one can imagine unless it has happened to you. There are no exact words but all of the descriptions here sound like what I experience.
Becky, please know that others do care and your Ashley will be with you always, deep in your heart, and no one can take that away. Let those loving memories comfort you at all times. Mom/PA

Feb 04, 2012
to the first post My Son
by: Cheryl B

My Son Nick also died on Nov. 30 2011. It was the worst day of my life. The last day of Nov. He was only 23. He was struck and killed, in a crosswalk, on his way to work, by a drug addict, who just left a methadone clinic, was doing nearly 70mph, driving reckless, and ran a red light. My Nick was thrown over 100ft and died instantly. She still has not been cited or arrested and the police said she was not impaired, even with methadone and marajuana in her system, and continues to drive daily to get her methadone, which she is now addicted to. I am so lost without My Precious Son<3 I don't know how to go on. He was so happy and such a good kid, my only child and the love of my life. He did not deserve to be destroyed like this. Such a horrific tragedy and I miss him so much, my heart is broken and such a void in my life without him. I can not function. I break down everyday and only wish I could join him. He was not only my Son, he was my best friend and my reason to live.

Jan 12, 2012
My Son
by: Anonymous

Well I have joined all of you with the heartbreaking grieving process, as my son , who was 22 died Nov. 30, 2011. He had struggled with depression and drug addiction over a long period of time. I am so sad, I miss him everyday. I look at his pictures and cry, go to the cemetary and cry. But, I call him my little solder, because in his own way, he battled his addictions for many years. I don't just remember the bad times, but we had many many great times together. The house is quiet without him here, i can hardly stand it. For the first 3 weeks , I had s stomach ache 24/7. He went peacefully in his sleep , so that I am thankful for. I try to go for short walks and getting back to work, but nothing will replace his great smile and good heart. I too think about him every morning and some mornings, dread waking up, because to me it is another day of struggling to move on. I miss him so much too. Some days I stay in bed all day and think about him. I am sorry for one reason or another we have all had to endure this. It is not fair. I am doing one day at a time, just as he told me as he got out of rehab, one day at a time. PC/California

Jan 10, 2012
our children
by: Anonymous

Becky...I too am grieving the loss of a child. My son, Dimitri, died 17 months ago after a two year battle to save his life. He died of septic shock related to leukemia. He had just turned 23 years old. I miss him with every beat of my heart. I go to The Compassionate Friends meetings every months. Just went to one last night. It gives me the opportunity to talk to other parents who have suffered the same loss and it reinforces that I'm not crazy. I also participate in their facebook site and the Grieving Mothers facebook group. I journal frequently too. All of this helps somewhat. I'd trade my life to get my son back here but knowing that's not possible I'll move forward one breath, one step at a time...
Shirley in California

Jan 10, 2012
Dylan 1984-2011
by: Cindy Newport News

Our babies have the same dates. Your post echoes everything I feel. I am sorry for your loss of Ashley, and I know she is always with you. Look for her in all things beautiful.

Jan 09, 2012
Unbearable Grief....
by: Anonymous

All of us on this site are suffering heart breaking grief and loss. Your daughter will forever be with you. She is closer than you know. She will always love you as you love her. The loneliness and longing for our loved ones is overwhelming and heartbreaking. We are all strong women and some how find the strength to go on.
God bless you. Take things one day at a time. That's all you can do.

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